mom and dad :)

This is the first time I am blogging . This is my first post on the blog . This is the first day of my vacations here in Hyderabad . The first thing that I feel like to write here is about my parents.  One of the most exciting thing I find in going back home from hostel is you get to meet your mom and dad again , they are the people who make you feel special no matter how good/bad you are  . Only God knows how many times I have made mistakes , how many times they have sacrificed their comforts to make me comfortable , how many countless times have they forgiven me ( even when I did not apologise ). They are always so full of unconditional love .

Mom is so full of  enthusiasm to cook for me and sumeeth( my younger sibling ) , she never forgets to feed us even of she has 104 degree temperature . Once I remember I was bed ridden due to chicken pox , I had not eaten properly for a week , one night I felt hungry  , I call out for my mom , at 2 am in the night my mom wakes up and comes to me  when I tell her that I am hungry , she goes into the kitchen , warms milk and gives it to me , while I am sitting on the dining table drinking the milk , she makes a full fresh meal of chapatti ,  rice , dal and tomato chutney and fed me with so much love at 2:30 am . I feel so blessed to have a mom like her .

Dad is kind of strict ( in a loving way ) . He has set rules for both of us( me and sumeeth ) , like going regularly for jogging , doing yoga etc etc… he keeps telling us what and where we need to improve in order to become better individuals….although we seldom follow what he tells us , he still keeps repeating advises ( every time he repeats something ,  his words have this ability to fill me with guilt for not obeying him ). To have him in my life is like having an umbrella above my head , God had just provided me this umbrella who protects me from anything and everything 🙂

Love you mom and dad 🙂


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