Happy Birthday to me :)

Many things have been happening since my vacation started , most of them related to the DSN( Divya Samaj ka Nirman) course that i did. When i was going to do this course , suggestions and hints about the course poured down on me from various people . Everyone had something different to say , some people said it is a tough course , some people told me not to expect anything from the course , some told that this course will make me a one man army, ill be able to take anything that comes my way , with all this in mind i just went and sat in the course . On the first day after opening my eyes after padmasadhana i see this angel called BAWA sitting on the chair , dressed fully in white ( including the socks) , he had a charm and glow around him , his long hair only added to the effect. the next three days of the course was one heaven of a roller coaster ride . I was totally churned ( physically , mentally , emotionally ) , it is said that when you churn milk , you get butter which is the purest form of all the  things that can be obtained from milk . This is excatly how i feel after the DSN , so pure , so clear . there are no words to explain how i feel after the course . I was a coal before and the DSN properly processed me to become a diamond. Now i shine , i don’t feel i am the same person who wrote the last post . The DSN has given birth to a new Kulpreeth . So it is a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME 🙂


Kulpreeth 🙂

P.S. To all who read this post ( and all their friends and enemies) if you have not done a DSN yet , please Dont Say No to a DSN  🙂


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