Something  that happened some time back :

  The yes!+ course going on ,  Harsha and me walk from the venue to pangala ( hotel ) to get food for everyone else , on the way we see a couple ( both above 60 ) coming out of a restaurant called saiba … while aunty was climbing down the stairs , uncle handles her just like one handles a small kid who has just started walking , it was very cute to watch , then they both start walking hand in hand on the footpath like a newly married couple … i tell harsha ” look look how nicely uncle is taking care of his wife , so cute no ( we are within the earshot of the uncle and he hears us ) ” , he turns and tells ” excuse me ” , I tell him uncle so nice of you , you are taking care of your wife so well … uncle smiled at me and said that they are new to manipal and have just moved here , their luggage is yet to arrive from Delhi( as soon as harsha hears Delhi , she launches a series of questions , Delhi me kahan pe rehte ho aunty ?? Oh! I live near that place etc etc ) … by then we reach our hotel and then uncle and aunty invite us to their home and say to come and visit sometimes … by the way uncle was appointed the branch manager of the syndicate bank and just moved in … in the 5 min conversation that we had , all the four of us felt so nice about the whole thing , it was really nice to see the love they had which they were ready to share with anybody ( even with someone they randomly met on the footpath ) , recently I heard guruji talking about vibrations and found this very relevant in this case , guruji said ” All the times we are emitting vibrations , have you noticed sometimes when you meet a person you simply feel so good , just being around them makes you feel good , and sometimes you feel totally the opposite , when someone calls you and tells  that something bad has happened to them , you also feel bad , everyone is emitting vibrations all the time , when you feel happy and content you emit such vibrations , when you are sad , you emit sad vibrations ” , this I could see in the uncle and aunty I got to meet that day on the road , they were emitting such lovely lovely vibrations that you could’nt help but smile looking at them … since then I also feel that we should be a source of good good vibrations for everyone around us , so I started smiling at random people around … sometimes they smile back thanking me for giving them a smile 🙂 cute no ??? 🙂  




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