Caring , Sharing , love :)

One should feel blessed to be born in India , our country has so many things to feel proud of , besides the cultural heritage and all the masters who have walked this land and its history ,its the people of India who make it such a nice place to be … where ever i go the belongingness just pounds out of people , once it so happened that i went to a panipuri uncle to have pani puri after a really bad exam (  good food always cheers me up 😀 ) , i was just standing there with a long face and the panipuri bhaiya  serves me such yummy yummy pani puris , then in the end , he gives one panipuri without the water , he puts all the masala and the dhania powder and all stuff on his table , and in the end garnishes it with a coriander leaf and gives it to me with a big smile , i was amazed at the amount of work and effort he was putting in making such a small panipuri , and serving it as if its the most exotic dish ever . Just the feeling with which he was serving it made me happy 🙂

Be it a small simple panipuri on a road side stall or a big tasty dish in a festival celebration , serving with love makes all the difference and we Indians do it with such grace 🙂

Lots of love

Kullu 🙂


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