Yesterday i attended a workshop about how parents should care about their children , there were quite a few things that were nice :).

1.Parenting a child also involves learning fron the kids ,  only teaching them will not do , you also have to be a participant and learn from them .

2. Every child is born with some seeds ( qualities or traits ) which simply cannot be changed , and some qualities and traits they acquire as they grow up .

3. Parents should never argue or fight in fron of their kids , for example if  you tell your kids that lying to others is bad , and you lie in front of them , its simply not going to work , your child will never learn.

4. Expose your kids to various activities like science , sports , arts , music and some seva activities also , this should be done before your child is about 10- 11 yrs of age.

5. A healthy child will have three types of trust , first trst in himself , second trust in the people around him/her , third trust in some higher power .

6. See to it that everyday you clap , play some games with your child , create a good atmosphere for children at home .

7. At least 3-4 times a week you should have meals together with the family , and never tell kids what wrong they are doing on the dining table , you should uplift their mood at least  when they are having food 🙂

8. Develop a tendency in kids of sharing instead of just acquiring and possessing.

9.Know your kid’s friends very well , have at least 6 parties in a year where you participate with your kid’s friends and get to know them.

Lots of love

Kullu 🙂


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