Ingredients of life – part 1 :)

There are a few people in my life that I feel eligible to write about i.e. my extremely tolerant friends who have been putting up with my nonsense since our friendship began, they are high on dose of tolerance and I test their abilities, but in the end I am grateful that these people are there in my life , we spend majority of our time outside home with friends ( except the time with relatives ), at least for me , besides my parents my friends have contributed to 70% of my life, so ill be telling here about some of my friends ( the ingredients of my life so far , not necessarily in any order).

So here goes :

Faraaz Siraj :

Its been about one year that Faraaz and I have been friends , few of the many things that I like about him are that he is unconditionally kind and caring , lives life on his terms( 98% of the times). I observed that our lifestyle mainly depends on the kind of company we keep, this became an experience when faraaz and I became friends, he has so much respect and love for his parents, looking at him I also started respecting my parents more than before , he is a very responsible friend , he has this skill of pointing out if you are doing anything wrong without making you feel bad or guilty i.e. expert at giving constructive criticism, he can qualify for being called  handsome, smart and all other titles associated with looks, but he is very very modest about it, ok now you must be imagining him like this Mr.Perfect with no flaws, I am coming to the flaws part… faraaz has this super natural power of sleeping almost at anytime of the day (or night :D), you should not be surprised if you go to his room and he is sleeping , its like breathing to him, he is generally shy, little hesitant to talk to new people( especially the opposite sex), but once he gets started he goes on and on and on … lol 😀 , other flaws are kind of private and confidential and are not to be disclosed( if I tell it here I will kill myself before faraaz kills me), the quality that appeals to me the best is his regularity with his prayer , he does his prayers daily and every friday he goes to the mosque to pray, this is something I never do ( like going to a temple or any specific place to pray regularly). But whenever I pray I do pray(sometimes) that everyone gets a friend like faraaz.

P.S: more about other friend in future posts .

P.P.S : If you know any good or bad quality of faraaz that I have missed , feel free to comment.

Lots of love,

Kulpreeth. 🙂


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