Ingredients of life part – 2 :)

Harsha Dhingra :

The definition of good friends for me was “ I have to know them for a good amount of time ( at least a year) “. This concept was shattered when I met harsha. Its been such a little while that we have been together but now she is one of my closest friends, in the six months that I got to know her, I was only amazed by her. She is extraordinarily compassionate, you just cant get angry at her, never have I seen anybody talk ill about her( a quality everyone should acquire), she is always ready to help and give. Most of my friends are good at studies, not the toppers but above average people , but harsha is an exception, she tops in almost anything she does, a gold medallist from college and topped her masters entrance exam, I did not believe when she told me she got 1st rank ! She is excellent at whatever she does, very caring and she also cooks very well :D. I cant help but smile when around her, had I wanted to jot down all the good qualities I wanted to have and wanted to give them a human form , they would have become harsha. Her attitude of serving without expecting anything in return is really something, knocks me off! Hold on hold on , she is not a mother Teresa as I have been potraying her, she can be extremely angry and shout ( she only shouts at me for now ), but this shouting also comes from a space of love and caring, its amazing when she shouts, I get the message she wants to convey and yet am not hurt( although I shout back , Male Ego!!! 😀 ), very simple in living and she manages to look beautiful in the simplest of things, its more about her personality than her looks , that her beauty shines from within. She is good at arts and crafts, likes to make goodies , gifts and cards for people just to get a smile on their face ( yes , no special occasion required 😀 ). Its so amazing how many good people are around us and all we need to do is just see, I never realised the first time I met her that she will be so nice a person. I am so glad I got to know her and now she can be counted in as a friend for life :D.

Lots of love

Kulpreeth. 🙂


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