You are there …

When a child comes to this world, the first word he says is “ MAA“, the mother is obviously happy listening to it, but nobody understands why the  father is equally happy … It is said that when a kid is born, the father’s anxiety is more than the pain experienced by the mother. Since childhood, my father has always given me more than I required, I am utterly  grateful to him for whatever he has done for my growth , even when I failed at something, he was there only to support and motivate, it is said in the ancient texts of India that when your kid becomes a teenager , be friends with him/her , a companion to him , my dad has been just that , a friend 🙂 , although I never communicated well from my side , he was always there no matter what was going on in his life, I feel so proud to be his son , to have him as an inspiration all through my life … The person typing this right now is a product of the immense nurturing and care of his father ( and mother ), I feel so good that I am such a nice person just because I have such a lovely father and mother, there is a small poem I have written for him …

When I was born , small ,tiny ,fragile,

Taking care of me like a delicate flower, you were there.

When I walked my first steps , and stumbled,

Holding me so I would not fall, you were there.

When mom went out of town ,

Cooking for us, you were there.

When I stole money from your pocket,

Ready with a stick, to teach me a lesson , you were there.

When I played my first Tennis match,

In the audience , you were there.

When I lost the Tennis match ,

Motivating me and giving assurance , you were there.

When I did a math problem wrong,

To teach me , you were there .

Even though I did not communicate my problems well,

With guidance and love, you were there.

When ever I wanted to take an important decision in life,

Ready with your advise, you were there.

I feel so blessed to have to be born as your son, even when I am away in hostel , I can feel that YOU ARE ALWAYS THERE to support me and help me become a good person , you have given me so much till now , and on your birthday I can only thank you for being there, you are the best daddy in the world … HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂 .


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