A Sardar By Mistake

A story about how a sardar is brought up in south India , and how the company and freinds we keep influence our lifestyle, its a long story , it comes in parts , read on and comment 🙂

Characters –

Kulpreeth : A boy in 4th standard, born in a sardar family in Hyderabad, he is the only sardar in his whole school, his class is filled with typical everyday temple going, curd rice eating,  telugu speaking, we-abandon-you-if-you-bring-nonveg-in-tiffin type of kids, and at home except for his mom all his dad’s side speaks telugu, so he is made to take telugu as a language instead of Sanskrit in school and is struggling in his class, and is not able to adjust with the contrasting south Indian school life and north Indian home life, he is put in.

Mummy: Kulpreeth’s mother, who originally hails from Maharastra , but is sardar by religion.

Swami sir: Telugu teacher.


Swami Sir : “ Kulpreeth , you have to work hard at your telugu, I understand you are the only non telugu speaking guy in this class, but you have taken this subject and have to put in effort, look at everyone in your class, please learn telugu, its easy if you start talking with your friends”

Kulpreeth: “ But sir their mother tongue is telugu , I don’t even understand what they speak , and when I talk in telugu they all laugh at me sir, how can I learn from them”

Swami Sir: “ Ok , fine from today whenever we meet, we will talk in telugu, with your other friends you can talk in English”

Kulpreeth: “ Ok sir , but you don’t laugh at me please”

During the lunch break

Akshay: “ Kulpreeth what did you bring for lunch”

Kulpreeth:” My mom gave me boiled egg.what did you bring?”

Akshay: “ Chi !,you brought non veg, everyone listen kulpreeth brought non veg , its smelling very bad , lets go somewhere else and sit”

The whole bench on which kulpreeth is sitting packs their tiffin and goes else where to sit, humiliated kulpreeth also packs his tiffin and goes away.

After school at home,

Mummy: “ Beta , khana nahi khaya? Lunch waise ka waisa waapas laye ho.”

Kulpreeth:” why you gave non veg in tiffin? None of my friends are talking to me now because of you”.

Mummy:” why what happend?”

Kulpreeth: “ They say non veg smells bad and they always get veg curry for tiffin, they all got up and went away from me in lunch you know.”

And kulpreeth starts crying.

Mummy: “Ok ok sorry , ill give veg from tomorrow, stop crying beta”.

Next day in school

Kulpreeth: “ Hi Balaji, why you did not come to school yesterday?”

Balaji: “ My mother was in the hospital since past two days, when she was admitted she had a big stomach which kept on growing , but now the big stomach is gone and she tells me that
I have a brother”.

Kulpreeth: “Oh, that happened to my mother also, but it was when I  was in LKG, so I don’t remember anything that well, I also have a brother”.

Balaji: “ Ok ok , sir came , look front.”

The classes went on , thanks to swami sir , kulpreeth’s telugu started improving, he started conversing with his classmates with minimal errors , his writing improved with every class. He reached Class 7, but still non veg food was a problem with his friends, so one day when he was sitting with his friends for lunch, he asked

Kulpreeth: “ whats wrong with non veg food?”

Chaitanya: “ Yuk! Don’t talk about dirty things during meals.”

Kashyap: “ Yaa, Non veg is very dirty, all blood and flesh.”

Balaji: “ Will you people stop talking , I feel like vomiting.”

Kulpreeth: “ But I eat non veg at home and all my family eats non veg , we are all fit and fine , i don’t see anything wrong with non veg.”

Chaitanya: “ If you eat non veg you can’t go to temple, Gods will get angry.”

Kulpreeth: “ Dont talk stupidly, I go to gurudwara on festivals, god  does not say anything to me.”

Kashyap:”  you should come to temple sometimes, its really nice and you get tasty Prasad also”.

Kulpreeth: “ Then you guys take me, I am scared to go alone”.

Balaji: “ No , no first you promise to not eat non veg for one week then next Sunday we will take you to Ganesh temple”.

Kulpreeth:” Ok, one week later then.”

For one week kulpreeth kept his promise and the following Sunday he was taken to a beautiful Ganesh temple near his school, He was completely taken aback by the beauty of the place.

Kashyap: “ Take out your shoes here , and bow down at the door.”

Kulpreeth:” you know in gurudwara also we do the same thing , but we also wash our feet and hands before entering”.

Balaji: “Here also you can wash , there is a tap at the entrance”.

Then Balaji , Kashyap and chaitanya explain to him the various rituals that take place and different things he need to do at different places, kulpreeth is enjoying the temple atmosphere thouroughly, after the visit to the temple he goes back home.

Mummy: “ What is this red mark on your forehead?”

Kulpreeth: “ Mummy my friends took me to temple today, it was so nice you know. I really liked it, the smell , the Prasad, it was almost like out gurudwara but they had statue instead of our holy book, I asked my friends to take me to the temple every Sunday , can I go mummy? ”.

Mummy: “ Ok go , but don’t mix too much with these Brahmin kids, they will make you also Brahmin .”

Days pass by and kulpreeth visits the temple every Sunday, sometimes with friends , sometimes alone, after a few visits , he started noticing that whenever he was in the temple people stared at him and gave him wierd looks, next day he thought of asking his friends about it.

Kulpreeth: “ Why do people simply stare at me in the temple?”

Balaji: “ Because you are not Brahmin, I also never saw a sikh guy going to a temple”

Kulpreeth: “ But the priest uncle always gives me a warm welcoming smile , he is the one who sits closest to your god naa, when he does not have any problem , why do other people stare?”

Balaji: “ If the priest is ok with it , I don’t think there should be any problem, you don’t worry, if you like it keep going , but never ever eat non veg and go to the temple”

Kulpreeth: “ Ok ok , you know I have not eaten non veg since my first visit to the temple , its been almost 0ne and a half year, my parents think ill turn Brahmin in some years… hehe “.

Kashyap: “ Then what do you eat at home when your mom makes non veg? “

Kulpreeth: “ Mummy makes something veg for me , like chole, puri bhaji etc”.

Chaitanya: “ Wow , I like these north Indian dishes a lot, kullu from tomorrow we’ll exchange our tiffins please, you know my mom makes awesome curd rice, I am bored of it, will you exchange please.”

Balaji and Kashyap also show willings for the tiffin exchange, kulpreeth agrees.

Kulpreeth: “ Ok, my mom gives 6 chapati’s and two curry’s in tiffin, so ill give you three two two chapati’s each ans in exchange you three must give me your tiffins, you ppl bring one one dish only so ill take full ok?”


Then started the exchange saga, everyday kulpreeth would get to taste south Indian delicacies , curd rice , rasam, wada , dosa… he was amazed at himself as to why he did not taste these before in life, he got so attached to the south Indian food that he made his mom learn and cook south Indian for him , his mom mixed north Indian masalas in south Indian dishes and it was heaven for kulpreeth. Then he stopped exchanging tiffins with his friends , coz his mom’s south Indian tasted better … but still he continued his habit of visiting the temple and eating vegetarian food… sometimes he used to ponder? Am I a sardar by mistake???


More to come about other aspects that changed in Kulpreeth’s life in the following posts

Lots of Love

Kullu 🙂


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