I am being slapped quite a lot these days , sometimes by situations , sometimes by people , sometimes by my own stupidity . Many unpleasant experiences have been visiting my life since the past few months , some of which I can write here are, losing two cell phones in two days ( yes , its possible ! ) , losing my laptop , getting shouted at, by people I know and people I don’t and many many other things. In simple words getting super screwed from all possible sides at the same time . During these not so good times I decide not to cry , crib, complain or attract pity ( which I never did before & it takes 1000 kgs of courage to do that ) , I decide to just let things happen , due to which I got to learn a lot of lessons, good people commit mistakes and learn , but super smart people learn by looking at good people’s mistakes , so if you come in the super smart category read on ( even other wise read on 😛 )

1. Any unpleasant thing happens to you , remember that it always has some lesson to give .

2. Speak truth ( don’t try to hide or cover up your mistake ) satyam-eva-jayate always ( this also takes 1000 kgs of courage in the beginning , with practise it becomes easy )

3 . See that whatever problem came to you in the past , it has gone ( and it did not kill you ) , problems come and problems go , you might as well go through them with a smile 🙂

4. Don’t commit the same mistake again and again , your self confidence will evaporate ( in case you don’t have a guru )

5.  During the not so good times people will make you feel you are useless , dumb and all the things that you actually are not . Don’t listen to them they also must have screwed up some time or the other.

Lots of love

Kullu 🙂


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