Ingredients of life part – 3 :)

If i have a sword which can cut through anything without harming it , the gemstone adorning the hilt will be Mr. G Mahapatra :

The G in his name stands for Gourav , he does full justice to his name , everyone just feels proud of him ( sometimes even when he does not do anything 😀 ) , he dislikes if i praise him in public and as this is very much a public blog , i guess he will be fuming by the time this post ends 😛 . An awesome guitarist & singer , people say he sings with bhaav, being around him for about one year I see that he does everything with bhaav , one of the most honest and straight forward person i have ever met, he is a friend who will tell you on your face if you do something wrong ( such species are very rare), anger is a very dominant feature of Mr.G, you should be very careful not to cross the line , very dedicated and hard working species of homo sapiens, he plays guitar , sings , is a champ at badminton all this with studies ( I told no his name is Gourav – pride ) , there are many things he is going to do in future but i am not allowed to talk about them . Gourav has taught me many things , standing up for myself, speaking the truth,  multi tasking etc etc. All in all a very cool person to be with …


Lots of love

Kulpreeth 🙂


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