Ingredients of life part – 4:)

Heart has four chambers , the fourth post in this category is about Angi ( Ankit Agarwal ) who fill all the chambers of the heart with only one thing – love. He hails from the land which bears one of the seven wonders of the world, this Agra boy is symbol of love just like the Taj Mahal. Helping and sharing comes naturally to him , even sometimes if he has to go that extra mile to help anyone he will do it, and the best part is he does it with a smile . Generosity personified he is, I never met any one who is so willing to help and share (I think its the taj mahal effect 😀 ) . He is the jaan de denge par wachan nahi todenge types , for he always stands on his word, if he says he will do it, he will do it , no matter what 🙂 . Everyone of us is born with some basic traits or characteristics , and I think Angi is born with a sense of inquiry, he will go into details of any thing that catches his eye or interests him, most of the times till he knows it inside out, something that I have had no patience to do . I know people who are very rude to their parents , people who lie to their parents about small and big things, people who take pride in being blindly loyal and obedient to their parents , but Angi does not belong to these categories , the love and respect with which he talks to his mom is so genuine ( sometime when I hear him talk on phone I feel like calling my mom and telling her how much I love her ) at the same time he does not allow his wishes to crumble underneath obedience, skillful kada? God knows how he does that. Can act extraordinarily dumb in the most obvious situations ( after all nobody is perfect 🙂 ) , my partner in crime in many inside jokes, I dont have a very good photo of his , so unless I get one just imagine a walking talking monument who just like the taj mahal exudes love from his very being 🙂 That is Ankit Agarwal ( aka Angi as i love to call him ).

Lots of love

Kullu 🙂


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