Story …

Was once listening to one of the talks by His holiness the following part of the talk stayed with me for a long time :

” There was a man from Hyderabad , he was the eldest brother in the family and he had many brothers , all his brothers were well settled and he was responsible for their successful career i.e. he did everything he could do to make them successful and did not take anything in return , he was also a active social worker and always served the community and did lot of charity . He came to me and asked ” Guruji all my life I have only given to people , I have brought up all my brothers and did lot of charity and never taken anything in return , yet now when all my brothers are well settled and happy , nobody comes back to me , I have never taken even a rupee from them yet they never come back to me , why is it so Guruji ?”  I said ” You have never taken anything from them that is your mistake. See when you take something from somebody you make them a giver, you make them happy . When you don’t take anything from them you make them feel like worms, they feel too obliged or away from you, may be when you were not feeling well you could have asked them for a glass of water or may be sometime you could have sat with them and talked to them, this way they would have also felt part of you. By not taking anything from them you have distant them from yourself. So in any relationship it is also important to take. ”

Cool no ?

Lots of love

Kullu 🙂


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