A Sardar by mistake – 3

Its a continuation of Part 1 and Part 2

Kulpreeth enters his college vicinity and the scene that meets his eye takes him into shock.

Kids of his age carrying heavy bags like his , climbing stairs to the college. Some had fresh looks on their face , others were half asleep, Kulpreeth found out where his class was and got into his classroom . 70 was the strength of his class , he did not know where to sit and occupied the first bench. He was tensed and saw that few others in his class also shared this feeling .

Aditya: ” Hey , my name is Aditya , are you a day scholar ? “

Kulpreeth : ” Yes , my name is kulpreeth. “

Aditya : ” Where do you live ? “

Kulpreeth: ” Next lane , you ? “

Aditya: ” I live very far off from here , It takes one hour when there is no traffic .”

Kulpreeth : ” Then when do you start for college ? 4 am ? “

Adithya: ” Yup around that time , I come in car with my driver, I really want to get into IIT .”

5 mins conversation with Adithya told kulpreeth that he is a geek , its not that he hated geeks or something . His aversion was due to the fact that they worked hard , concentrated in class , got good marks , in short geeks were all   that he was supposed to be ( but was not ). So he preferred to stay away from them , that way he felt less guilty of being lazy and not studying.

In the next week he found out how things worked at this Narayana A/C Campus. There were three sections J1( Rubbing their ass off to get into IIT Types )  , J2 ( want to get into IIT  but also want to have fun in life ) , J3 ( Only have fun in life , if God willing IIT will happen ). Now every week all the students have to undergo two exams , one on saturday and one on monday ( cunning strategy by college to keep students busy on sunday also ), and people are shuffled in J1 , J2 and J3 according to their performance at the end of the month. The whole purpose of everyone’s existence in this college is supposed to be to get into J1 and then stay there till IIT exam actually happens. But he found reality to be little different , there were students who wanted to get into IIT and were successfully in J1 , but yet were not geeky , there were students who had travelled from as far as orissa and other eastern parts of the country to study in this very college, there were students who did not know what they were doing in this college and their whole purpose in life was to only create noise and more noise. As time went by kulpreeth made good friends from all these categories …


More to come in next post

Lots of love

Kullu 🙂


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