A sardar by mistake – 4 :)

As time went by kulpreeth made good friends from all these categories …

Before joining Narayana A/C campus Kulpreeth did not know what he wanted to do in life, but after spending 6 months in the college he was very sure that IIT is NOT the thing for him. All day he would just drown in Physics , chemistry , mathematics, taught by different teachers, the whole concept of him being in this college to crack IIT- JEE began to appear as a big joke to him. He did not dislike the subject or the teachers but somehow he felt out of place doing what he wa made to do in that college. In the process of not liking so many things happening at his college , kulpreeth did like some things very much in his college .

Kulpreeth: ” Hey ! give my book Mishra sir is entering the class.”

Abhinandan: ” Ya Ya , giving wait , how do you manage to write every word that he utters from his mouth during the class? Including all the chemical reactions , your notes has everythign he says .”

Kulpreeth: ” I love his class and the way he explains things , he speaks about reactions and chemicals like they have life , I find it very cool , now give my notes. “

Abhinandan : ” Reactions have life ! Ha Sardar paagal ho gaya hai . Take take .”

The class went on and as usual kulpreeth thoroughly enjoyed this particular chemistry class , this teaher taught them inorganic chemistry and was extremely old and had immense knowledge about his subject. He taught students not to get them into IIT but to educate them about how things work in the chemistry world and why things are how they are , he was around 70 years of age and he taught with so much love , he reminded kulpreeth of his grand father.

Based on the entrance test kulpreeth was put in J1 and started liking the attention he got from teachers and others for being in the first section of the college , but then he also felt so out of place there because majority of the students there were from telugu lands and spoke in telugu and treated him more or less like an outcast ( because inspite of being in the top section he used to be the lowest scorer of this class ) Some how he managed his place in J1 for few more months , then in one of the monthly shuffling kulpreeth was flushed out of the top class and pushed into J2.

One of the tortures bestowed on the students by the college was that they informed about this monthly shuffluing and results of all the exams we wrote to our parents. So going one section down led to lot of lectures and advises from parents, which gave birth to lot of guilt and frustation inside kulpreeth , guilt because he was doing somthing he did not like to do i.e. prepare for IIT and frustation because he did not have the guts to tell this to his parents. But little did he know that going to J2 was the best thing that happened to him in his two years of torture at the Narayana A/C campus …


Lots of love

Kullu 🙂


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