In the past 15 days the lord of the creation has showered upon me the wierdest of emotions some of them being anger , lust , boredom, depression, frustration. I was not happy and felt like a retard for few days. And the more I went into thinking why these emotions are coming up the more and more they manifested around me. I was not natural in whatever I did. I started being an extreme irritant to all my heartbeats ( read best friends and family ). Being in company irritated me , being alone also did not help so much, my close friend’s success irritated me, my own failure irritated me, someone’s smile irritated me, for two nights I could not sleep. I cried  a few times , feeling guilty and bad that I am not happy, something was sinking inside me, I felt helpless and decided to just exist without thinking much and see if it passes. Then God sent three things for my rescue 1. Board game 2. Patanjali Yoga sutra 3. Angi and bokka …

Board Game : For me the word board game was associated 0nly with snakes and ladders , ludo , monopoly and few other village games ( like astha chamma ) , it was then that priya di introduced us to this amazing game called Dixit and Saint Petersburg. The Games were amazing and they had a near sudarshan kriya effect on me. I felt so happy and peaceful to just play the game. The clouds of anger , lust and all other types of negativities was evaporating . I was like I had a bath after a decade ( to roughly put it in words ). These games gave me lots of courage and hope that I could come out of whatever I was reeling in ( how that happened is still a mystery).

Patanjali Yoga Sutra : Watte Videos man! Watte Videos … they have magic in them which cannot be put in words, just cannot be put in words. Everybody should watch them 🙂 as soon as possible.

Angi and Bokka : The patanjali had washed off most of the grabage that I was living with , but the finishing touches were given by Angi and bokka. Two of my very dear mortals, yesterday I spent my day with them and everything was special , although we did not talk so much , their very presence made me happy. We went to watch a movie ” Tanu weds Manu” ( its a 6 /10 movie , if you like madhavan and kangana its a 6.5/10). Then after movie we headed for the Malpe beach.I did not know why I was so happy around them. The best part with them was the walk in the sea and guru stories on the beach 🙂 so much peace it was . I felt like I was on an advance course 🙂 Then the trip to the beach ended with a glorious satvic meal at the gurudwara in manipal.

So the moral of the story is : ” No matter if the room has been dark for 10 minutes or 10 years , it just takes one small ray of light to remove the darkness “

Lots of love

Kullu 🙂


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