Wisdom & Creativity Part-1

Since my school days I had herd of this very famous Saraswati temple in Basar ( it is close to Andhra Pradesh-Maharastra border ). Every year the 10th class students of my school were taken on a school trip to this place to pray for good results. But somehow when my 10th class approached I did not go to this place before I began my 10th ( the trip was during the summer vacations and at that point of time mangoes and an air conditioned bedroom with TV were my priority 🙂 ). My friends who went there told that I should have come and it’s a very rare thing to visit a legendary Saraswati temple as very few of them exist on the globe. That day I thought that someday I will surely visit a legendary Saraswati temple and have been finding ways to go to Basar since then but somehow things did not work out.

5 years later…

Last week I did visit a legendary Saraswati temple . Shringeri temple it is called and this post is about this piece of land which simply refuses to belong to the planet earth, people in heaven wanted to show the earthlings how it feels like to be in heaven, hence manifested the Shringeri temple ( also many other names like Kollur temple , Art of living International centre Bangalore , Golden temple Amritsar fall in this category ).

It was Holi and our college gave a Holiday( miracles do happen 😀  ), Faraaz and myself refused to be coloured this holi. I told him I am going to this place called shringeri. Faraaz said he too wants to come. We both started our journey towards the goddess of wisdom and creativity early in the morning from our dear and unavoidable Tiger Circle. The bus ride was adventurous. We climed up a mountain towards Agumbe . I gasped as the bus took some sharp “ Mountain-dew” turns ( those turns made me realise ki darr ke aage jeet hai! 😀 ). Mr.mountain ( still sleeping) snored cold air in the bus and for few moments we shivered before we closed the window. The green colour all around was welcoming and fresh. The bus journey got over before we realized and shringeri bus stop welcomed us. The temple was a short walk from the bus stop.

We entered the vicinity of the temple and it was not what I expected. It was fully made of stone and not an ounce of greenery around the temple and half the temple was getting renovated. I consoled myself saying , it was summer season and I should not expect so much greenery ( but some part of my head was screaming, Where the hell is heaven ? where the hell is beauty ? ) I walked little more inside and then I got slapped on my face.

Will continue in the next post …


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