Wisdom & Creativity Part-2!!

continued from part-1

This majestic monument came into view which sent all my questions about beauty and heaven to a place where I could never find them again. Both my vocal cords and mental cords had frozen and I walked in utter silence towards this monument. As I went inside I saw that there was a single tubelight inside and everything else was black. There was a shivling inside I looked at it for few seconds then my eyes were all over the place. The temple from the inside had exactly 12 pillars with a zodiac sign carved on them and on the ceiling was some carving of something I did not understand( moral of the story is to do little research and go when you visit legendary places) .I saw a guide explaining something about the carvings to some tourists, I wanted to listen but  chose to explore more nooks and corners of the place . I was engrossed in observing the insides when the shouts from the priest reminded me that I also need to pray before the diety. I went closed my eyes , folded my hands and made a wish and was out of the temple. The outer surface of the temple fascinated me more. This temple was being washed ( I would kill them if they even tried to renovate it ). Water was being poured from the top of the highest point on the monument . I got lost in the sight. Some of the carvings on the temple were fully washed, some were yet to be washed and some were partially washed. All of them radiated beauty beyond description. I tried to capture some of it in my camera.

Then we saw there was a river beside the temple. Faraaz and me reached the threshold and this is what we saw

Those black things in the water were actually huge catfish, never I had seen such huge catfish in such shallow waters. People were feeding them Prasad and they were jumping on it like little kids jump on toys.These fish were even the size of little kids.

Many funny things happened at this bank where people dipped their kid’s feet in the water and some people wanted to touch the fish . I felt the people thought the fish had some divine powers which will blow wisdom and creativity into their kids if they touched the fish . One person was even talking to these fish. To me the first thought that came when I saw these fish was that if one fish is taken out of water it can make a feast for at least 4  people. Inspired by the madness going around me I also dipped my feet in the water, hoping the fish comes and brings super creativity along with it to give me, I was hoping that a big fish comes to me so more creativity will come ( humans like me can go to any extent ! ), I was sitting and fish was coming and going , but no one stopping near me , then suddenly a HUGE black fish came and stopped near me , it looked very calm and composed when compared to the commotion made by the other fish around it,  I was scared to touch it but placed my hand millimeters above it ( like I touched its aura 😀 ) , happified that my wish was fulfilled I sat by the river for some more time. Soon the entertainment became boredom and then after some time I was wondering two things

1.Where is the saraswati temple ? I saw a shivling not a devi idol

2. When will they start giving food?

I got answers to both my questions one answer is very dear to my heart , the other answer I want to forget…

More about it in the next post …

Lots of love

Kullu 🙂


One thought on “Wisdom & Creativity Part-2!!

  1. i like your style
    (i touched its aura) 🙂 like this part a lot

    the way your build suspense in the end is so cool

    pictures mast….

    i want to go too but only after your posts

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