Ingredients of life – Part 5 :)

Fairy God mother of wonderland wanted to make a doll, she wanted this doll to have magical powers , this doll would not be whiney , this doll would be strong , confident and charismatic and many more things. Hence was born my very dear Nishtha Manocha. The most beautiful ingredient of my life. The love that she exutes is very hazardous, just like magic you get pulled towards her. The first time I noticed this girl I was supremely agitated and irritated ( We almost missed a bus in the most filmy style possible and in between all the commotion all she wanted to so was take photographs ), then in the due course of time I got to know her more. After this ingredient entered my life I realised how vast can someone’s existence be ( she hides it all behind those two cute eyes of hers with a smile which will make you go weak in your knees ) . This one girl is one of the main pillars of the DISHA foundation , a foundation that does immense good work , by visiting nearby orphanages and connecting with the kids and teaching and learning from them. This cutie fairy of mine with her other club members organised a disha carnival and raised Rs 35,000 for the orphanage and also had a sponsorship drive of more than Rs 1,00,000 ( Cool no ? applause ). Almost every sunday when rest of the manipal is either sleeping or is reeling in a  hangover Ms. Nishtha Manocha is off to an orphanage where she mothers the kids and brings a smile on their face, teaches them how to read and write and plays games with them. Her eyes twinkle when she recalls stories about how “her” kids back in the orphanage did cute things for her and how happy they were when she was around. Actually most of the people are generally happy when Nishtha is around ( the other set of people who are not so happy also have their reasons , some of which will be told here ,but later ). This doll is someone who people look up to, for various reasons. Some of them being :

1. She is extremely beautiful ( courtesy her good karma and her weekly appointments with the beauty parlour ).

2. She has topped her class in almost every semester ( means little brain also she has , which she uses very often ) , my only girl-friend who is a 9.6 ( yay! I am so proud ).

3. Extremely proficient in organising and managing things ( including complex species like boys ).

These are just the tip of the ice berg, rest shall be unleashed to you when you actually meet her ( if you have the good karma for that to happen ). So much goodness on the earth has comes with little flaws,yes my doll nishtha also has a few, some of them being : She likes ( or rather is used to) getting attention from people ( depending on who is around ). Sometimes very dominant she becomes and she almost always places the order for food without asking people ( she does ask people, but after placing the order ). The other flaws are totally not her mistake, one of them being that she is the main reason for raised heart beats of many boys, she almost enjoys a movie actress status in manipal, where she has A boy friend , many brothers , many crushes , and many more friends. All in all a good doll who is a blessing to all the people she is connected to ( directly or indirectly ) . She gourav and angi have been my virtual family here and I am so thankful for nishtha to have entered this dangerous vicinity ( my life ! :D) .

mommy and daddy



Lots of love

Kullu 🙂



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