Wisdom&Creativity – Part 3 ! ! !

The two questions about the devi and the food were ruling my consciousness, then I decided that something needs to be done about it, I chose food over the devi ( for obvious reasons ) and asked a security guard where the food will be served. He was standing at the gates of another temple with a gold painted entrance ( the paint was looking quite new so I took it to be  just a side temple and not the main one ). Then the guard asked me if I have gone inside the temple. I asked which god’s temple it is . He said Saraswati temple. Eureka! I was so happy to find the devi and felt bad to have overlooked this temple before. We entered the temple. Immense gratitude came  to have finally seen a legendary saraswati temple. Like how the saying goes ” love is in the air” ,  about the inside of the temple I would say knowledge and creativity are in the air. I saw there were around 50 young girls sitting near the devi , I could not go near to the devi and so prayed from far , when I was doing the pradakshina , those 50 girls broke into a melodious song for the devi. In one voice they sang a song in an unknown tongue, their voice magically magnified because of the closed space in which they were singing , listening to it I was filled with joy, such devotion to the art and the goddess of the art  I had not seen before , the song ended very fast , they sang only one paragraph. After some time the priest did pooja and was giving something to the girls. Intution told me that it was some kind of a initiation ceremony, after little analysis and inferences I took it for a fact that before you start anything in the field of wisdom and creativity it is a good idea to start it in front of Ms. Saraswati. The girls had so much excitement in their eyes as they finished the song ,with full joy and faith they took the prasad and chirpped away out of the temple . I told faraaz to sit and meditate for some time while I complete my pradakshinas. Kindness and humility personified as he is , he oboliged and I started my rounds with the chantings of Om Namah Shivaya around the diety. As I took the rounds I saw that the temple was filled with small kids, their shouts and cries sounded like the temple bells, also there were a lot of pegions and sparrows around the ceiling making cute noises . People brought slate and chalk and gave it to the priest who after offering it to the devi, made the kids write their first letters on the slate, some more people came and sang in front of the devi. Paintings of different floral patterns adorned almost whole of the temple floor. Walking around the temple felt like walking into a very happy dream where everything is colourfull, every minute detail of the surrounding is filled with joy. My pradakshinas ended and then I sat beside faraaz to meditate. The moment I closed my eyes, meditation happened( Very rare phenomenon when I am the subject of discussion ) . 7 to 10 minutes of stillness inside and outside broughtso much contentment, when I opened my eyes I also wanted to sing for the devi. ” Kehne ko jash-e-bahaara hai , ishq yeh dekh ke hairaan hai, phool se khusboo khafa khafa hai gulshan me, chupa hai koi ranj fiza ki chilman me … ” This beaudy favourite song of mine was what I sang for the devi( so what if its not a devotional song , its all about singing with devotion ) and then I prayed that let my voice sound melodious to all types of ears and requested Saraswati devi to come and reside in which ever part of my body she feel fit enough to reside ( like how they say saraswati resides in lata mageshkar’s throat, so she can as well come and reside in some part in my body). Then we got to attend the aarti ( my favourite part of any temple visit ), this is when I got to see the idol closely , the idol was shining with jewels and gold adorning every inch of its existence. The best part I felt was a diamond nose ring which was shining the most, I promised myself that when I find the woman of my life I will decorate her just like this idol. Then after that we sat in the temple for some more time.Photography in temple was strictly prohibited and I obliged with this rule as I felt  nothing in the temple could be captured with any type of gadgets. The air in the temple was cold contrasting to the heat outside the temple,  then we headed to the food hall. Food is one of the main attractions that any temple holds for me, past experiences in various temples had made my expectations very high when it came to tasting temple food. With great excitement I went to the dining hall which was huge.

When I had the meal there were around 400 people siting in the hall and the hall was still occupied to less than half  of its full capacity.They started serving the food and there was only word came to my mind when I ate it ” DISASTER”  . The sweet dish was served first and the rice poured over the sweet dish rendering everything else that we ate a sweet taste, hence spoiling the taste of the rest of the items. All in all it was a very bad experience and somehow I filled myself up and went to the wash area and while coming out of the wash area god sent two elephants to lift my spirits.These two elephants were being fed , and the cutest moment I felt was when they both took water in their respective trunks and fed each other the water. Then it was time for them to have bath. They were having fun going roung and round and wetting all parts of their body in the process, watching them made me forget the food tragedy.

After lunch we again went and sat in the saraswati temple for some more time. Sleep was slowly coming telling us that we ought to get into a bus back to manipal . Promising myself that I will visit this temple at least once again, I left the temple vicinity with a smile. We got into the bus which brought us miraculously fastly to manipal ( or maybe I did not realise the time because I was mainly asleep through out the journey). Thus ended my day and I fell on bed totally content to have visited the shringeri temple with a faith that I will surely visit it again 🙂

Mr.Dinesh Ghodke had once said the following lines :

communication from head to head is through words,

communication from heart to heart is through music,

communication from soul to soul is in silence.

The visit to shringeri temple made me experience each of these lines to a certain degree.
Lots of love
Kullu 🙂

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