Part 5 :)

Kulpreeth entered the J2 class that was to be his home till he worked his ass hard enough to get back into J1. He went and occupied the first bench and looked around this new classroom. He liked the classroom a lot. There were big windows and this class had two balconies from where cool air would blow and the windows showed us a beautiful view of the city. The college bus brought the hostel kids to class and as they entered they filled the class with noise. In J1 , time before the start of the morning class (i.e. 5:00 am to 6:00 am ) passed in utter silence. The students would come and quietly occupy their seats and drool over the bench or take out their books and study or solve problems , any one who made any noise was thrown looks of disgust and irritation both from the people who were sleeping and from those who were studying. When J1 cultivated an atmosphere of a library during the early hours, J2 would be called nothing less than a Mad House! People would enter into the class and make as much noise as was possible in order to get to their favourite seats first ( it was like a race , they would run and climb four floors of the building just to reach in time to grab their favourite seats). The seats which caused fights and arguments were the ones right below the A/C and by the windows. People abused and fought with others who reserved seats for their friends who had not yet arrived. These fights were quite funny to watch. The fun part of the fight was due to the fact that this class had a good number of non-Telugu population (Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra , Bhilai , Orissa, kerela, Karnataka and many other states had come together under this one roof ). Now whenever an argument happened it involved a good deal of abusing in the mother tongue. So suppose say two parties were fighting and one of the party is Telugu (it almost always happened that one of the parties was Telugu ๐Ÿ˜€ ) and the other party is Maharastra , the Telugu people would say something as mediocre as โ€œstupid people โ€œ in Telugu under their breadth, which the Maharastra party would take as a very bad abuse and would generously shower their lot of atrocious abuses in Marathi onto the Telugus. Now Kulpreeth knew Hindi , Telugu and a little bit of Marathi ( his mom was from Maharastra). Tears rolled down his eyes as he laughed his heart out watching one of the Telugu parites mercilessly lose to the Maharastra people. On one side there were fuming Telugu faces , on the other side there was triumph. Kulpreeth really looked forward to spending time in this class, as the Maharastra gang came and settled themselves around him he found them all in high spirits and they smiled at him. He found out that the fair guy sitting beside him was Abhinandan and on the other side sat Ninad and they both gestured for one boy from the last bench to come forward but he did not come. He found out that most of the people around him conversed in Marathi .He felt totally comfortable , for a moment or two he forgot that he was in a Telugu land . These people definitely did not think that he was a sardar by mistake .They were in for a pleasant surprise ๐Ÿ˜€

Lots of love
Kullu ๐Ÿ™‚


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