Feb 12 :)

Birthday is a special day in everyone’s life. While most of us spend this day feeling utterly special about our existence on the planet and enjoying the attention we get from the whole world (not to mention the expensive clothes, party and cake! ), some of us don’t. I belonged to that “ some of us don’ t “ category  for a very long time, the last time I cut a cake was when I was in class 4 ( I hope you understand what a very long time means ? 😀 ), although every year on my birthday I always felt very special to be born 😀 , the celebration part was sadly absent. One of the major reasons for the absence of celebration was EXAMS! ( Every year they came on my birthday . Every single year for the whole of my life since I joined school ). Exams continued to visit exactly on my birthday even in PUC and Engineering(my hope to celebrate and cut a cake on my birthday rested in some unknown forgotten corner of my life where I thought I  would never find it again). In the art of living super lucky souls who have their birthday or anniversary on the day when His Holiness is physically present in the ashram get garlanded by Him and He also cuts their cake (so much attention from the guru just because its your birthday!). Intensely I prayed, when I saw these super excited people going to Guruji for the garlanding, that one day I will also celebrate my birthday with Him.

priya di on her birthday with Him
priya di on her birthday with Him
dinesh bhaiya

Then happened my 21st birthday and the prayer got answered.

I had decided to stay in Manipal for my final semester project and for the first time in ages there was no exam on my birthday (in the final semester in Manipal you have no exam at all). Since I had never celebrated my birthday, no ideas about a party came. The 12th of February dawned. Yay! I was born today, I thought while brushing my teeth and smiled at myself. There is a saying  “ an empty mind is a devil’s workshop” , but given the fact that my mind has always been empty since birth 😀 and I don’t resemble a devil in any way at all, I would say “  my empty mind is an angel’s workshop”.  Now this empty mind of mine told me to spend my day amidst beauty, peace, serenity. Before I knew it I was on my way to the kollur temple. On the way I was pondering on what to ask the goddess on my birthday? Mr. Empty mind replied “Ask something for others today.” Sms was sent to all my near and dear ones asking them for what their wish was. The wishes came, from “ I want to get a 9 point Gpa  “ to “I want to have kollur devi as my daughter” , my pals sincerely sent what they wished for. Just reading their sms I felt a kind of fullness from within, I was content that very moment. I reached the temple, stood in front of the devi , took out the mobile phone and read out what all they had sent aloud . Then I was hushed out of the temple by the priest. After coming out I realized that I had not asked anything for myself. Standing out I prayed for my family . As a birthday treat I got to eat tasty temple food. It was hot, it was delicious, it was on a banana leaf! I could ask for nothing more. With my stomach and heart full I reached manipal by 2 pm. Luckily my birthday came on a Saturday this year and we had a follow up that day. I sent sms again to all Yes!+ people to please come for the follow up and then may be we will go to a place of their choice to eat food( to few of them I myself announced that it was my birthday:D ). Well there was a glitch in the plan. I had invited about 100 people for the party. I had no idea if manipal had a place that could seat and provide food for 100 people on such short notice, also transporting 100 people to a hotel from the follow up centre would involve some co-ordination and havoc . Rohit came to my rescue and I told him I that I have called 100 people about 70 might turn up , but I don’t know how I will feed them or where to take them after the follow up to eat. After some talking I sat quietly thinking , then Mr. Empty mind of mine told me “ If you cannot take people to the food , bring the food to the people” .. laughing about how simple the solution was , I told “ Rohit everyone likes pizzas , lets have a pizza party in the same hall that we have the follow up , nobody needs to go anywhere”. We talked to the dominoz guy , he told to place the order one hour before we wanted the delivery. So the plan was we place the order before starting the long kriya and by the time it ends hot pizzas will be available for consumption 😀 . Happiness dawned in me thinking that everyone who comes will be so happy to see pizza just after long kriya ( hunger is at its peak after long kriya). I reached the hall , before kriya we had an electrifying satsang, everyone was looking extremely happy ( like it was their birthday 😀 ). After the long kriya , I took the mike and sang a melodious song for myself and Guruji ( just one line of the song went out of tune ). The effect was mesmerizing . Then Anish and Gourav sang songs for me ( they sang “ tere jaisa yaar kahan , kahan aisa yaarana “ and “ tum mile “ ), tears came at the amount of love that I was bombarded with ( but I did not want to cry 😀 ). As if this was not enough a big cake manifested itself , then the pizzas came .Everyone ate sang celebrated and danced for a long time after that.

the pizzas

One person was kind enough to record the most special day of my life. Here is one of  the videos of the madness that happened later :

After looking back at how my day went I thought this is how is must feel to get garlanded by Guruji and when he cuts your cake. Even though I did not meet him and he did not cut my cake , he surely made his presence felt , through all my friends who came to the party that day. At the end of the day I thanked my parents for supplying the money that made everything possible. May god bless them with good amount of money that they so unconditionally shower on me.

I can die right this moment without any regret 😀

Lots of love



10 thoughts on “Feb 12 :)

  1. awesome article kullu..i remember sending u my wish..
    wil miss u alot wen u wnt b here in manipal wid us after a few days..
    gud luck for ur future…:)

  2. overwhelming. u should mail it to guruji.
    i say this with full confidence that u are guruji’s favourite.

  3. very cute 🙂 i liked the parents part @ the very end 😉
    i think you should have just broken it up into parts i.e. multiple posts by ending at the right places so that the interest is sustained…
    For ideas u can read my blog 😛 or better still BnD 🙂

  4. meri gall maan ye sab engeneerin n all chor aur full time blogger ya writer ban ja…..trust me u wil really do well…….luv rimi..

  5. 🙂 wow…loved ur writing and ur sense of living for others makes me wrench with shame 🙂 proud of u….may u be full n happy 🙂 G bless….Jai Guru Dev 🙂

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