Life in a BMW – 2

This is a continuation of part-1

Day 4: The day I almost got thrown out of the BMW : Thursday. When I woke up , I could not wait to go to the lab and work. After Kriya and ONS the morning session went as expected. Both my talking friends did not surface till afternoon ( Mr. Kama and Mr.Attachement  tried to come in but when I showed them how mercilessly they were defeated yesterday and the day before , they never showed up 😀 ). However while I was working in the afternoon session , the assistant announced the attendance status, after which I realized that everyone in my lab will be done with their project by the 12th of may, while I was still in the phase 1 of my project and had to stay much longer than them. Atmosphere was jubiliant in the lab, everyone was celebrating and talking out their happiness that at last it is over, amidst happy discussions involving future plans , job , going back home, I found that only one person was talking to me.

The small mind said : “ You have still not completed your project, you have a lot to do , the lab is going to end in a few days , how will you cover your attendance, how will you do your project, you have nothing to look forward after this project , neither do you have a job nor any internship, also you failed in the CEED exam . What makes you think you’ll be able to do anything at all in a month. You are not like gourav or sudeshna , look at them. They are your best friends , they live, eat , drink etc with you and see what all they have achieved and look at yourself… SUCH A FAIL!

Tears rolled down my eyes and I waited for the BIG MIND to tell something, but his voice did not come. Work was halted and the small mind kept repeating the same thing again and again. Not knowing what to do I sent sms to my friends who according to me already lived in a BMW and hoping that the replies they send will help me get my BMW back. I got replies from few of them. The replies were as follows:

“ Be calm and study!! “

“ future ki baat chodo … “

“ Now whatever has happened you have to accept that its due to some reason of yours. But now you cannot help it. So work day and night until you complete your work. I don’t think it would take much time provided you work non-stop without thinking about anything else. Mark zukerberg was ready with the layout of facebook in one week, Euler did inventions at a rate of 5 per week, Einstien wrote down all his work within a timespan of one year. Impossible is nothing. Forget everything else .“

“ penance , dispassion, surrender, all these three will purify your mind and uplift you in joy .“

I read these smses but they helped only a little. One lab session got wasted and with tears in eyes I headed back home. While I was on my way back home wind brought with a very small dried dead leaf and it skillfully entered my eye( I wear spects and its difficult for anything to enter my eye) .

I tried removing this little foreign body that had entered my eye. Now one of my eye was watering and the pain brought a headache. For half an hour I was rubbing my eye and helplessly tried to take the leaf off my eye. It did not budge. Then came the sweetest voice of my life



When I said  “NO” , a sense of security came, I should not think anything while doing my project, that’s it! Voila! I was back in the BMW, this time sure enough that I will not be thrown out. Although one session got wasted, the leaf in the eye taught me more than anything in the world.

With this new reinforced seatbelt in my BMW I looked forward to the last two days of my challenge.

Day 5 : 5th Gear in my BMW . Friday. When I woke up today , kriya and ONS happened with a smile on my face. I headed for my lab. This was the other batch( the extra batch that I was attending). Attendance was announced in this lab also. The students broke into a song “ alvida alvida , tujhe kehna aur kya” to express their joy that the project is getting over. This time my small mind did not talk, neither did my BIG MIND.I found myself doing my work, but I did not do it quietly. I also joined in the chorus of the song and work happened simultaneously. It was so much fun! I could see my BIG MIND proudly smiling at me. Afternoon session happened in silence and the day ended.

Day 6: My BMW reached home. Saturday.

Today was the last day of my challenge . I had done it. When I sat for work in the lab I saw that the target had been completed last evening. I thanked BMW for not only guiding me throughout but also giving me one day off! My spirits had never been so high inside a classroom. I never felt so good about myself. Deciding that I will write about the week I sat down to write yesterday morning and here is the story . Full and complete for you 🙂 I feel like the Buddha , who was first coloured with all the obstacles from outside, but now the BMW has cleaned it all .

Now all this BMW life that I got to live for the past week did not happen due to some magic potion, but due to three magical beings Priya Subramaniam , Sudeshna Koka , Gourav Mahapatra. Inspiration to take this step to enter the BMW came from them. They look quite chilled out ( see their photos down ) and cool in the photos , but these people unleash deadly dedication when it comes to completing the work that they take up. It is something to watch them sacrifice sleep , hunger , friends , mobile phone , facebook ! 😀 and work with a unwavering one pointedness towards their goal. From sources of jealousy ( small mind ) these people have now become a source of inspiration for me ( BMW effect ) , not because they are awesome at what they do , but while they are busy being awesome they have touched my life in a very important way, which gave me hope that I can be like them. A little bit about them and how they have touched my life is as follows:

Priya   – A fantastic Yes!+ teacher,a  pass out from MICA, a trained bharatnatyam dancer, sings quite well , troubleshoots as easily as we breath , to put it in one sentence dynamism rules her existence. She is also going to dance in the world’s largest festival, its going to take place in an olympic stadium in berlin. something cool about her is written in an international website. The website is here ( go to the yoga and meditation section ) . To know more about the festival click here. She also has a super cool blog.


How she touched my life : “Only dumb people fail kull , and I know you are not dumb, I have seen you do things and you are super smart!“ this one sentence is one of the reasons I thought I can be in the BMW . Thank you didi 🙂

Sudeshna –  A journalist(to be), head of a college club called NEEM , is the student representative of the placement cell of her college, got a job which paid her  Rs 50,000 per month ( the highest any student got offered in the history of the institution), hard work ( not heamoglobin) flows inside her, she will stretch herself to the breaking point to get the work done.


How she touched my life : “ There is no need for you to worry , we all love you the way you are and you are perfect the way you are.” These words opened up something in me, the major reason why I am in the BMW.

Gourav Mahapatra : A student in MIT, he sings , plays guitar , paints(  the Buddha picture in this post is his creation ), swims , plays badminton , is among the toppers of his class, for now his purpose of life is to launch a 10cm-by-10cm-by-15cm box into the outer space.


How he touched my life : “ Bhaiya , you are intelligent. Just wake up and see and do work.” The respect he has for me (even thought I might not have achieved 0 .1% of what he has) is the driving force that keeps me in the BMW. And this person kindles the confidence in me that even if I stumble sometime I will be back in the BMW ( he also happens to stumble out of the BMW sometimes but then I will bring him back in :D) .




2 thoughts on “Life in a BMW – 2

  1. I know kullu…the feeling of thanking people who have contributed a lot to our lives…its unmatched…
    I see signs of a good writer in you…selection of pictures are amazing…good attention to detail…
    I know you are inspired by my blog 😛 TY, TY 🙂

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