Acknowledgements :) ? :(

Most of my friends are writing emo notes due to the fact that they leaving manipal . Since i am no different, i also would like to add to my part of the emo-ness . Since i might not have a laptop in the next few days and i want to pen this down when i am in manipal only , so i am writing it a little early . Every sentence written down is very authentic, some might also sound offensive or wierd , any judgements made is at your own risk please 😉 . The post might be very long , you can simply browse the text for your name ( or the person you want to read about ) and read that part , i wont take offence 😛 .

1. sushant – My first roomy , i will miss your sweets that you so kindly brought even when i was no longer your roomy . all the best for where ever you go. You have a very clean heart 🙂

 2. seshadri – My first friend in manipal , all the best for whatever you do in life.

 3.mahesh – My second friend in manipal , i cherish all the four years i have spent with you mahesh , how ever irritating i have been you tolerated me for the maximum time in manipal . i will miss you definetely 😦

4.kaushik – Thank you for everything , for the first year corridor madness , for the pre exam songs , for the mindless chatter 🙂 for all the “May the force be with you ” msgs

 5.rajdeep– Reason no 1 that i spent my first year devoid of homesickness , thanks for all the laughter and non sense jokes , our hyderabadi hindi conevrsations always made me feel at home .

6.roopesh – Reason no 2 that i spent my first year devoid of homesickness , all the mindless jokes on JC , all the telugu talking around non-telugu ppl , will be missed 😀

7.meghana – the first friend here from the opposite sex, thank you for entering my life , you were truly a blessing 🙂

8.sunny – My best friend in class , thank you for answering all my silly , stupid doubts in class , also i am utterly grateful that you always helped when i lamented through classes, please do stay in touch.

9.sanjeev – Thank you , you always gave me faith that i will pass engineering ( although you did not show me anyanswers in exams 😛 )

10. uday sir – The person who i started voluntering with , he is a teacher now and I thank him from the deepest corner of my heart.

11.vini – There is nothing hidden from you , you saw the goodness in me , you wished good for me , it means a lot 🙂

12.rajshree akka – Goddess , she is there only to bless and feed.

 13.gireeshma– when i did my course and came , it was only because you were there in manipal that i kept coming to aol in the beginnign , otherwise i would have not continued on the path. Thanks 🙂

14. nivedita – My cudie friend who always made me feel special here in manipal 🙂

15.harsha – You have taught me what it is to love 🙂

 16.sudeshna– your presence has added colour and flavour in my life 🙂

17. rohit– you are the reason i have immense faith in a higher power. Although you dont tell so i know you care, i wil miss you so much 😦

18.ashok ji – My Guruji for all intents and purpose

19.abhinav – The trust you showed in me swept me off my feet many times , you helped me discover the place of good vibrations , i will miss you and that place 😦

20. pankhuri– Your innocence is something i will take with me where ever i go.

 21.ankit – The one guy who has given me unconditional love ( manifestation no 2 of guruji in my life ) , tears coming when i think that from now on i will not get to see your twinkling eyes scanning me :'(. 80% of pain of leaving this place is all your contribution.

22. gourav – The one person I have loved unconditionally, I dont know why i love you so much , i just dont know .

23.abhigna– The telugu girl who cared for me when i was in trouble 🙂

 24. nikhil– the trust you have shown , the things that you shared , left something in me that cannot be erased.

25.sandeep– My first aol roomy , thank you for all the group sadhana and chanting in the room .

26. kartik arora– When you call me bhiya , i smile , behind all this huge fortification of your lies a very tender something which exutes only love, i saw you when you were sobbing like a baby , i saw you when you were at the peak of your glory, all the while you have taught me so many things.

 27.sumit – family away from home 🙂

28.priya di– You are what i want to be like ( or better ) thank you for coming to manipal and in my life.

 29.tanu di -You have chisseled all the un-necessary parts from my existence and made me look more beautiful in the world.

 29.sirisha– The simplicity in your existence i will never forget

30.sahil– Your eyes have authenticity , may be someday i will also get it 🙂

 31.aseem– You allowed me to bond with you , thank you for that

32.kabir– Good human being *I take a bow*

33.hemant– You made me feel special , i know you are special 🙂 all the best.

34. nishtha- you added more smiles to my face 🙂 thanks

35.sundarajan– The first gift of my Yes!+ life came from you .

36.sabhya– Innocent smile , rough face , clean heart 🙂

37. faraaz– I dont know what to tell you faraaz , you have put up with most of my madness and still survived , thanks a million tons ,many people do somthing to be called good human beings but you are a very good human being even if you feel you dont do anything interesting in life, you have a very pleasant presence 🙂

 38.zeeshan– Thank you for coming into my life 🙂

 39 shubam– You taught me that brains is all that matters , education wil come automatically , you’ll make it big 😀

40. pramit– Thiest or athiest , veg or non-veg , aol or non-aol , more than this it is very very important to be a good human being , i have seen you even before you came to yes!+ , this i can say with full guarantee that you are surely a very good human being 🙂

41.sharika– My child friend no1 , all the silly laughter , mindless jokes will be missed

42.sri vidya – Vini vijayan part 2 , you are just like vini , i love you so much 🙂

43. daya anna and his wife – I did not get love from grand parents , i used to long for that type of love , these two people have fullfilled that wish , thank you so much 🙂

44.suman bhaiya – For everything you did when you came here for two days 🙂

 45. chandana– You showed me how it is to be established in faith and grace , i will never forget you 🙂

46.karthiek – Cuteness personified , please dont think you are something less in the world , all the best 🙂

 47.rimi– For all the useless fight and argument , you showed me that all is a play and display of the same life force

48.thashika– If i would have been born as a female , it would be called Thashika thangamma

49. sriharsh– For showing me how to work and excell in life

 50.Manipal – To have brought all the above people in my life :).


I want all of you to promise me that you’ll be there in my life till i am here on this planet and also if we are born somewhere else in a parallel universe 🙂

– Kullu 😥


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