Cartoons have been a very integral part of my childhood ( I hope they have been of yours too ) . Any urban child who has a tv at home must have watched a cartoon for sure. Even to this date I almost always stop by the cartoon network or pogo , to see if something good is on , only to be dissappointed 😦 . Now I see a shift in the type of cartoons being aired on these channels. To throw more light on this issue lets do a little bit of an analysis  :

PAST : around 1996 ( When I had only doordarshan at home and no cable connection ).

SUBJECT OF STUDY :  Kids of 6-13 years of age.

Being a child of 6-7 years , life was so much fun , go to school , eat tiffin box , throw tantrums , come home 🙂 then throw more tantrums 😀 television really did not catch my attention when I was this young. However every sunday morning after I had a head bath , my mom used to switch on the doordarshan and as soon as I herd  ” jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai … tu ru ru , tu ru ru , chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai , phool khila hai .” I used to leave the whole universe and sit before the TV , my existence glued to the video playing on the tv. The jungle book was the name of the show , it used to be in hindi , the characters had names like  chameli ( mowgli’s girlfriend 😉 ) , ka ( the snake ) , bagira ( the black panther ). There were animals in this show who showed human emotions , adventure , risk , love . At the end of the whole series the message conveyed is that goodness wins over evil. A very good cartoon. The title song still brings a smile on my face.

RECENT PAST : around 1997 to 2004( When I got a cable connection at home  😀 ).

SUBJECT OF STUDY : 13-15 years kids.

Now as everyone thought I was growing up , a hell lot of cartoons were added to my viewing list. Gummi bears, aladin , talespin , chip and dale , duck tales. Also there was this show called disney hour which I religiously watched everyday.

Gummi bears was about a secret breed of bears , who lived secretly below a lake. This bear family had a motherly bear , a grand fatherly bear , a strict bear , a lazy bear , a cute glamourous young female bear , a rebelious young male bear. All of these diverse qualities were shown so nicely in the cartoon where the family lives together , fights together , works together.There are some humans also involved in this cartoon but its the bears I liked the most.

Aladin still continues to be my all time favourite , there is a lot of action in this cartoon , but you know there is going to be a happy ending because there is a genie on our side and also you know the episode ends when aladin and jasmine kiss and the screen closes on them ( my mom gave me looks when this scene came 😀 ) .

Talespin is a cartoon about a bear , who flies a plane , and about some air-pirates . This one I watched purely because of my love to fly. It was so much fun to watch baloo go on his plane and tear through the clouds, also there was a no-brains mechanic by the name punter who I very often identify myself with.

During this age the cartoons had a little more violence in them than the previous era , but the underlying feel good factor was not lost, the fights shown were basically for something good , also all of these cartoons had some message and in a way helped kids have an idea of  how to lead a good life .

VERY RECENT PAST : After 2004 .

SUBJECT OF STUDY : Above 15 years kids.

When I reached this age group , Cartoons like dragon ball Z , X-men etc were very famous , immense violence and fighting was shown in these cartoons , people used to be killed , tortured , although there was a fight between the good and evil in these cartoons also , but the whole feel god factor was somehow lost and what held the attention of the kids was the anxiety as to what will happen next . Also I saw kids of my age group imitating what they saw on tv and as such many back bench fights and arguments on which character is stronger and who will win the fight in the next episode used to happen. Soon time passed I stopped watching Cartoons and they are now a happy memory . 😦

Now Cartoons come as a shock when I turn on the channels. They are all about  gadgets , fights , breaking stuff , conquering etc. The whole feel good factor is lost somewhere and what majorly is potrayed is  fighting and winning. This is also what I see in the kids of a very young age now. I have not watched many of these cartoons to comment much on them, but now I see a contrast in they type of cartoons being aired. I sincerely wish if the old cartoons which I used to watch are aired again 😦

P.S – There are a lot of famous cartoons that I have not written about here ( tom and jerry , powerpuff girls , pokemon to name a few ) . Its done for a purpose 😛  if you have a cartoon that you feel is special , you can name it in the comments , also please write what you liked in that cartoon. I will also come to know of the cartoons I missed in my childhood , may be I will download and watch them 🙂

Lots of love

Kullu 🙂


4 thoughts on “Cartoons

  1. I think we can always find good things and bad things about any cartoons… Some cartoons (or anime, which are basically Japanese cartoons drawn in a certain artistic style) involve quite a bit of violence… But I don’t think that seeing violent cartoons will affect a person any more than seeing fatty food will make him/her fat. True, children do get affected by what they see, but it’s the job of parents to make sure that their children know where the line between reality and fiction lies.

    Some of my favourite cartoons were the 7 minute ones… like Atom Ant, Birdman, Space Ghost… and yeah, Jonny Quest! They were the halcyon days of Cartoon Network… I don’t know what happened to the idiots running CN then. They removed all the super hit cartoons from air and put up really awful ones! CN now is just unwatchable!

  2. Hey u also forgot scooby doo, the road runner show, all the looney toons stuff………they were simple harmless fun stuff ready to tickle the funny bone…..pokemon was one heck of a cartoon carrying us on a journey……..u also forgot Tintin the cartoon series…..they had great adventure stories………we had swat kats, popeye…..aah i can go on and on…..n too true d kind of cartoons dey air today…..i really feel for d kids of dis generation…………i think it all started of wid power rangers wich was a rage among the kids……n ironically Disney which brought out so many feel good cartoons dat u mentioned was the same group which introduced power rangers…… its not abt the kids….but itz abt the people who r heading these channels n wat they want to show……

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