The lost world

I have lost track of how many things I have lost in recent past. A lot of things ( especially electronic gadgets ) run away from me just like that . So now I sit here to recall what all I have lost and which of the events involved mistake from my side and which were God’s mistakes and may be at the end of the post we can together find a solution(s) to the problem ( you can contribute by commenting your solutions 😀 )  . So lets start.

Pencils , tiffin box , erasers , notebooks and all insignificant things lost during childhood are purely God’s mistake. When a child , God is given full responsibility of the kid when parents are not around. Although now I say that these things are insignificant, I was made to realize their significance the hard way ( read scoldings from mom 😀 ) . Life moves on and  it gets bigger and better they say , for me this statement prevailed even in the lost world. I lost bigger and better things as I grew up.

PUC came into my life and by this time I was extra careful not to lose things and wanted to get out of this lost world. I proudly announce that I did not lose as much as a small sharpener during my PUC but the God of this lost world did not want to lose me . ( Note : The following lines carry immense gyaan and some pleasantly alarming confessions, any conclusions you draw from them will be at your own risk , please don’t! ok ) . From materialistic things , my habit of losing explored unknown territories. I began to lose things at a subtle level … love , trust , faith , virginity, confidence, self-esteem to name a few. In the past I  felt bad when I lost something that could be bought back , I knew that I could  always buy the things in future , but when I began to lose these things ( subtle ones ) , I had no idea how to get them back , I later realized that some things belonged to the ” once lost never come back ” category, so as a result misery deepened. Now come to think of it most of the things I lost here were my mistake and not God’s , so now that these things have come to pass, I feel it is only right to take responsibility for them and move on ( I told you there will be hard core gyaan 😀 ). Also before this when things I lost were God’s mistake I did not worry that I have done something wrong, and things got fixed on their own. And when I see this phase of my life where I have lost subtle things , I see that God has helped me to some extent to get them back, of course except the ” Once lost never come back ” things . ( moral of the story : don’t feel bad for too long when you lose things , God/higher power/anything higher than your existence 😀 will generally give it back when the time is right ).

Time passed and I came into engineering , here my normal routine of losing material stuff resumed, I lost cellphones (  many of them ), pens , handkerchiefs, laptop , mp3 player , library cards ,  also I began to lose little subtle stuff here and there (  like friends , interest in life etc ). Thanks to the Guru in my life , I also started to lose the right things in my life,  I lost fear , doubts , pity , lust , laziness. This was the shift that happened in the four years of my engineering . Although these subtle things came back again and again in my life I acquired the skill to lose the ones that did no good to me and keep the nice ones 🙂 . After a point of time I started to be indifferent to the things I lost. Before I would boil in anger and frustration and suspect/blame people who I thought would likely be responsible for my loss. Now even when I find out who excatly is responsible for my loss I think of forgiving them , then after a mind battle of like one minute or so I do forgive them ( * take a bow * ). Also I feel bad for very little time now and whine less at my loss.

Till here is my thesis on what is my contribution to the lost world ( as my life is still not over the thesis is still a ” WORK IN PROGRESS”) . While I am still losing things the problem remains that the materialistic things still run away from me 😦 . I sit here and wonder … Am I careless ? Am I not aware of my surroundings ? My insides answer NO! they say somethings are just meant to be . Just go on . Do I listen to my insides or not ? What do you think ?


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