Ingredients of life Part 6

This is going to be about two people who have barged in my life together. when a child comes into this world , everyone says that a new life has entered the family . But if seen from the child’s perspective , so many people have entered the child’s life also ( most importantly the mom and the dad ). On the same lines one Girl and one Boy have come into my life .

Lets talk about the girl first . The girl is a confident , independent , hard-working and caring species. Generally a friendship starts after two people meet , but our friendship started even before we met. I was told she is new in Manipal and to make her feel at home. She came to Manipal at a time when I was quite desperate to have the Yes!+ workshops conducted in Manipal. This desperation was building up for quite some time ( 6 months to be precise!). We talked over the phone and she was in Udupi and was coming to manipal , I explained to her where I would be meeting her and then she asked me if I needed something for myself from Udupi. I felt amazed at the belongingness she exhibited ( she has not even met and asking if I need anything, I thought ) . I got a feeling this girl must be a good person. The next day I met her , before I came into her field of view I looked at her, her face had mixed emotions of not liking the place, anxiety of meeting a new person , but when she looked at me she smiled and I smiled back. For the name “sudeshna” I had pictured some aunty type , salwar wearing , fat spectacles telugu girl, but she was quite beautiful ( sorry for being judgemental but it used to be a very bad habit of mine back then ). Then began our friendship and I came to know how wonderful a person she is . Although I had full energy and zeal to work for the Yes!+ , my energy and zeal got a direction only because she ( and the boy we will talk later about )  came to Manipal , she showed the right way and direction to work , she told how things should be done and how things should not be done. In short she was( and still continues to be )one of my mentors. She is bestowed with amazing leadership skills , when she told stories about volunteering in Hyderabad, everybody thought she is awesome. But I thought otherwise (Show Off would be the thought in my mind when she would go on harping about Yes!+ hyderabad ). In the two years that I have spent with her, I have tried to understand her existence, her personality exhibits all the awesome qualities and people appreciate her for what she is , but I want to be frank enough to tell that I have only disliked her in these two years. This dislike is not because she is a bad person , but its the kind of dislike that you have towards a very strict teacher , or your dad/mom when they don’t allow you to something you like very much. This girl has been that stick in my life which keeps hitting me to come back on track , when you get hit it pains right( so the dislike! 😀 ), also the dislike was more in this case because she hit me with words causing pain in the mind. I started volunteering for the courses and while I was being praised for the seva I did , this girl punctured my balloon of happiness with merciless criticism. All my enthusiasm was killed by her criticism , but despite all this dislike , I still stuck around her , because I felt it is her harshness that made others see the goodness in me. Although she shows great qualities , sometimes she acts in the most stupid way which I feel is totally uncalled for , for the type of life she has. Imagine achievening all the awesome things in the world and being a role model for many many youths of her age and feeling bad for things like ” These people have stopped talking to me ” , ” This friend of mine has been bitching about me ” , also one thing I would point out about this girl is that she is very possesive about people she likes , sometimes she cannot take it if she has to work under someone ( only sometimes! ) and she has this hypothetical thinking that she does not look good and is overgrown and not glamorous. But will all these supposed thorns in the bush she manages to still rock the world around her and inspire people with her existence. I only feel grateful that she is there in my life and now when she scolds me for anything I only smile 🙂

Now lets talk about the Boy 🙂  I was told that this person sings in satsangs in the art of living and is a very hard core volunteer back home in meerut. On this happy note I arranged my meeting with him over the phone. His voice had a very deep , serious tone . His name is rohit and for a name like that I thought he will be a very welcoming and generally high-spirited person ( I thought someone who sings in satsangs must be like a super dude and all ) . All my thoughts about Rohit were completely true. He is a dude , he is welcoming , he is high spirited :). Only that you have to be qualified to see all these qualities in him. People say he is quite reserved and talks very little , but I think otherwise. In the two years of my friendship with him ,  I have herd so much from him about so many things that I quite disagree with the less talking part. It happens very rarely that Rohit and I agree on something at any point of time , but over two years I have learned from him that although someone might not be like you in any aspect of your existence, you can still work in harmony with them and the work gets done awesomely 🙂 When I shout at him , he humbly listens , when I do madness around him, he quietly witnesses , When I push his buttons on purpose , he gives an all knowing smile ( LOL 😀 )  . Like the unseen power that governs the creation , Rohit is a power who quietly and effortlessly governs the work in Yes!+ manipal , I don’t know if he has realized this but he has skillfully nurtured me to grow more and more in life. Also he is aware and is concerned about everyone around him , a major part of our conversations involved rohit telling me what right/wrong people are doing in manipal and what should be done about it. Although he very rarely will show this concern to that person being talked about , he really is concerned about them. Coming to his mortal charms , he is very smart and handsome ( so people say! ) , also he goes gymming and has a quater-salman khan body :D, his eyes twinkle even when there is no light , his has awesome hair ( so people say!), he has this amazing skill of getting more work done with the least possible effort from his side and he is very very good at bargaining. But again with all these above mortal and immortal qualities he is very lazy , spends money like water , is very entangled and attached to things/people ( private and confidential! ) , also he is quite short tempered , and last but not the least he leaves too much to chance too often and tell His Holiness ( our Guru ) to do most of the work for him ( I think His holiness works over time when it comes to making things work in Rohit’s life ) . In short He is a very very good human who has more of less made his mission to bring happiness in other’s life and is very awesomely doing it . Also when around Rohit you don’t need to spend money , he almost always has at least 1000 rs cash in his wallet 😀

To conclude I would like to thank them both to have adopted me into the art of living , after my enlightened relatives ( read ashok ji , vini , priya didi , tanu di , suman bhaiya ) , these two people ( and all who are in the Ingredients of life section of this blog) have made my life so beautiful and wonderful that its beyond description. I feel blessed to have these two in my life :)here is how they look 🙂

Lots of love



2 thoughts on “Ingredients of life Part 6

  1. Now I need to write a comment………kulpreeth singh I have read this post lik4-5 times till now…….i feel so awesome after reading this i think i should keep itin my cell and read it every morning…thanks a lot to welcome me in your life as well…..

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