Textbook to line … part 1

Everywhere I went , people told me what I should be becoming in my near future, how I should dress , they wanted me to become a new person ( I have completed engineering ! Don’t I deserve some peace ! I thought ). Not that I did not want to plan my future , but before that I wanted some ” MY TIME ” 😉 . The creator of the world listened to me and one evening I got a phone call . It was from Priya Di ( my mentor ). She said that she is planning a trip to north India . We’ll be meeting in Delhi and then we’ll go amritsar-hrishikesh-haridwar-varanasi and then back to Delhi.” Are you in ?” , she asked . I said YES!

Then she also mentioned that this trip will be more about spending time with our self , of course we’ll have fun but and not much hoo-la will be there . JACKPOT ! So this post is about this 15 day adventure I had 🙂

Parents were convinced , money was arranged , I added three days before the trip ( in delhi ) and three days after the trip ( in agra ) to my schedule. I was excited  , but the excitement did not last, the train tickets ( tatkal ones) got over in a record 7 mins after the window opened. Things got arranged such that I was to board a flight to delhi early in the morning. I went to the airport and looked around every corner of it with my trolley (It was my first time in an airport ). I boarded the plane and was in the air in no time . The creator is really kind I must say for he showed me this from the window :




I felt like I should just go out of the window and walk into this other world that exists up here 🙂 It was like meditation. Soon we were losing hieght and I saw lotus temple from the plane while landing .

DELHI – ( 3 days and 3 nights ) – GO WITH THE FLOW !

Three days and three nights I got to stay in Delhi.

1. The Delhi metro is an illusion ! The air condition , the speed , the perfect timing don’t matter when you are stuck in it not knowing who is touching which part of your body. ( I felt this is how mumbai local trains might be) . Running down an escalator to catch the train, standing in line waiting for the train,  the metro announcement system , rain , getting into wrong metros and reaching unknown places was experienced. 🙂

2. Haldirams , The Big Chill , Parathe Wali Gali , barbeque nation , stomach God was very happy with Delhi ( also I liked to see parantha , kulcha , chole instead of Idli , dosa , wada in the menu card ) . Excellent eating joints were visited and excellent food consumed.

3. Met Rohit , Kabir , harsha , sundarajan . Crowded and hot during the day , empty and silent are the streets of Delhi at night , a night stroll through the almost no greenery lanes was like a nature walk in ashram !

With mind and stomach happy I left Delhi ! ( there was moisture in eyes but it did not manifest into tears 😉 )

AMRITSAR – ( 2 days and 2 nights ) – UN – ADULT – RATED !

1. Kriya in golden temple – yeh nahi kiya to kya kiya !

2. Amritsari kulcha – taste it ( you’ll know why all punjabi’s are built the way they are )

3. Aam patti – something made of mango , looks like tree bark , it will tantalize your taste buds 😛

4. Also amritsar is divided into two parts : The old sepia amritsar ( which has antique houses , shops which are mesmerising to look at ) & The new posh amritsar which is like any other city ( traffic lights , clean roads , apartments , malls ) . The first part is better than the second .

About Hrishikesh , varanasi , agra I will write in the next post … will post it tomorrow 🙂

Lots of love








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