At the feeling level !!!

Have you ever gone and sat with a group of people and could tell the general mood of the group without interacting with anyone of them ? If yes , then may be you can understand what I am about to express in the following text, if no , then you can attempt to understand , but I take no responsibility for the conclusions drawn.

Its December the 31st , January the 1st is going to come . Around 2000 youth sitting in a hall and at 11:50 pm all of them sit still with their eyes closed. Two people start chanting a prayer , its a prayer to express gratitude to all the masters. The prayer lasts for 10 minutes. And at the end of the prayer there is complete silence ! Some one starts playing the guitar and all the 2000 youth start humming , its a slow melody and everyone sways to the music for some time . Slowly the lead singer starts the song and the depth in his voice opens up all locked doors inside . No one is singing too loud , everyone is just whispering the song till now . The sounds of crackers and fireworks bursting very far away reaches our ears  , we all know that we have entered the new year , our insides were dancing , but we wanted to be still ! slowly the songs caught pace and our insides went on a roller coaster , our eyes were still closed but the feeling of joy was much more than we were capable of expressing. some shed tears of happiness, some did not know what to do. The songs got peppier and peppier and at last we opened our eyes , balloons , colourfull ribbons were falling all over the place , it felt like heaven , not an ounce of sadness existed anywhere I saw . That was the day I cried like a baby , that was the day I felt contented , from that moment on I decided , any satsang anywhere when I am around I will make sure I don’t miss it .

Ladies and gentlemen this is what happens in an art of living satsang . There is music , singing , dance & silence . It kills any sadness you have within and for that to happen you have to just go and sit in a satsang. It has been my experience that without any conscious or unconscious effort from my side , I just catch on to the happy vibes that the group radiates. If you get a chance to attend a satsang , you should go for it ! ( At least enter the room and be there for two minutes , you’ll immediately notice the difference ). Now its time for pictures:

The hall where this event described above took place is called the vishalakshi mantap , here is how it looks :

The two people who chanted the prayer are called Bawa and Dinesh. Here is their picture ( The one with more white hair is bawa ) 🙂

and  the person who made all this happen without actually being present at the place where it happened is My Guru . Dhan-te-daan : 


So moral of the story is to never miss a satsang , even if you have not done an art of living course,  just go inside the room when you hear the word ” satsang ” . Its my guarantee it will cause you no harm 🙂


Lots of love

Kullu 🙂


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