At the feeling level !!! Redefined ;)

By reading At the feeling level you might be able to interpret my perspective of a satsang , however this was not how I saw satsang for a long period of time . Until recent times , satsang was something else for me . This is what it meant :

I used to never never miss the first song in any satsang , the first song is a Ganapati song which towards the end converges to a rising chorus of “ Moraya re bappa moraya re “punctuated by loud claps Β and percussions . The momentum of this part of the ganesh song used to be the only reason I attended any satsang for a very very long time .

In any satsang you might find one of the below mentioned categories of people :

The show off singers always want to sing one song after other , they never let go of the mike , most of them have a very very good voice and are under the impression that everyone is experiencing ecstasy while they are singing . But generally that is not the case . When such people dominate in a satsang it looks like a performance.

Amateurs :Β There are a lot of people in the satsang ( myself included ) who want to sing for the guru but they are hesitant ( courtesy : Lack of tune and courage ) . But few people step into the courage zone and go sit in the first row , but the fight does not end here . If it takes some courage to go and sit there in the first row , it takes double the courage to ask for the mike !Once you get the mike , you have no choice but to sing πŸ™‚ any fear that you have about people judging you , your voice not sounding correct , you forgetting the lyrics should ideally vanish . From the moment you get the mike its just you and the guru ( I follow this policy and it works wonderfully πŸ˜‰ ) . The whole feeling of surrender , gratitude and offering when comes from inside , no one in the world will mind if you are out of tune in a satsang ( actually most of the times the tune also magically comes somehow ) and more importantly you’ll not mind if they mind it or not πŸ™‚

Legends :Β Some people do have a beautiful voice and sing awesomely , these people are open enough to give anyone a chance to sing and are generally counted under legendary satsang singers . One of my favourites in this category is Mr. Vikram Hazra πŸ™‚ (Β Thats him in the pictureΒ ) .

The show Off Dancers sprout up only when the momentum of the satsang is up and roaring , They do steps which no one can follow ( but they want everyone to follow them πŸ˜€ ). Something good that happens when they dance is that they help many people to break the ice and rejoice .

The No Dance Dancers : There are a few who are doing no dance step in particular , they move their body in tune with the music and their eyes are generally closed ( These are the people who are really rejoicing I feel ) , they are just with themselves and they look like the happiest people in the world.

The Emotional Zone : There are a few who sit still in a satsang shed tears , I don’t ponder too much on these people as to comprehend anything out of their still body and flowing tears is too much a job πŸ˜€ Some of them weep and wail , but the joyous atmosphere of satsang dissolves all their pain and after some time they come out happy and joyful .

Some satsangs are very meditative , some are full of josh , some include some chanting , and some are a happy mixture of all of these πŸ™‚

The best part is Guruji’s photo ( or if you are attending it in his presence he sits instead of the photo ) . admist all the singing , dancing , and ho-lah-hoo that happens in a satsang the guru sometimes sits still and meditates , sometimes sways with the music , answers questions, and sometimes does mad dance to make us all even more mad !!! If there is only the photo and not the guru in his physical form then you can rejoice with the guru in you ( sorry for the gyaan line πŸ˜› but it seemed inevitable to put it here πŸ˜€ )

Lots of love

Kullu πŸ™‚


One thought on “At the feeling level !!! Redefined ;)

  1. :):):) english wise I see triple improvement though here and there spelling mistakes are there:) I think madhuri wrote a post on this but she called them “mikasura” πŸ™‚ good one..

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