The Diamond of love …

I have been postponing this post thinking that there is more and more content to be added , but then I realised that this personality I am going to write about is as vast as an ocean and hence waiting to encapsulate everything about her in one blog post is a futile attempt . So here is what I have seen of her in the time I spent with her till now.

Introduction :

The first time I got to know that someone like her exists was while reading a blogpost of one of our mutual friend . She looked like one of the most anti-meditating personality to me . I got to personally meet her in the ashram and I was told that she is a very senior art of living teacher ( SHOCK NO 1! ) , she has organised the Upgrade of the Winter break (SHOCK NO 2 !! ) and that she was to come to Manipal to teach they YES!+ ( SHOCK NO 3!!! ). For those who don’t know The Yes!+ Winter Break Upgrade is an event which involves more than 2000 young people running around here and there in an ashram performing tasks which are arranged level wise to complete the whole upgrade . Now organizing the Upgrade involves deciding what these tasks should be , how and where they are to be performed and with what resources they are to be done , making about 100 volunteers work in co ordination to make the event happen , all this done by this tiny ( !? ) being that I am writing about.

Her Profession and professional life :

PART 1 : The hard side :-Β 

She is a facilitator for the Youth Empowerment and skills Workshop and does this facilitation full time . This job of hers makes her go around the country , meet new people , eat different kinds of food , teach them how to live life , and in this happy process she gets paid ! ! ! Her mentors are Bawa and Dinesh and she strives to be just like them professionally. The sharp focus she has while working can be used to cut even a diamond with ease. When she is working , she walks with a purpose and talks with a purpose . She has not time to do vella things while her work is on ! Anyone who disturbs her while work will be in for a nice shouting or even beating πŸ˜€ . All these qualities have made her do magical things in her profession as a facilitator of Yes!+. Now even if you tell someone you know her , they will treat you with respect πŸ˜‰ .

PART 2 : The fun side :-

While she remains focused on her work and makes things happen where ever she goes , she also makes sure she has lots of fun in the process. When she is in town , Β mid night laughter , food at 4:00 am , cute cool stories of her journey till now , Β also things one should do to become better in life are talked about ( Mind you when she does not work she only talks and she can talk for a madly long time , there is not limit !!! πŸ˜€ ). She will dance to mad songs , she will hit you for fun , she will play games , she will insult , all this she does like a child . So in the process no one feels bad ( !? ) . Also she will cook delicious food with whatever ingredients you manage to give her in record time ! All this are different ways she uses to make her professional life a celebration and also make more and more friends and make their life better . Her profession also involves using some of her talents , for example she was told to direct a play , run a restaurant ( running a restaurant means not just sitting at the counter giving tokens but actually cooking the foodΒ ), she also conducted a Yoga night in a night club . It was called Yoga Rave , she was told to perform classical dance in a concert . So along with being a facilitator ( for which you get paid ) , you also get to be a director , run a restaurant , be a DJ , dance in a concert . I have never seen any profession that would allow you to do so many different things . And all this involves too much work and staying awake with physical pain and working till 3:00 am almost everyday for her , she does it with a smile !!! * take a bow * . * applauze *

Her Personal Life : Β All the content written above might have been witnessed or even experienced by people who have worked with her some time or the other. But very few blessed ones ( like me πŸ˜‰ ) got to spend time with her when she is not there in a particular place for professional reasons . And it is then that I realized from where does she get the dedication and commitment to do all that she does in life . On a personal level this lady who is capable of making people experience fear and insecurity , also experiences fear , but for very small things ( like dogs etc ) , but when it comes to bigger things in life , she moves ahead without fear but faith in the Higher power . Like how most of us in the art of living long to be with the guru , she also feels intense longing and also intense joy ( see the picture below ) when she gets to meet him .

She is also extremely close to her family and she knows exactly how to maintain a balance between her work and family, when her brother need her , she is there for him , also she talks with utmost respect and love with anybody’s parents ( as if it were her parents ).

She has alcohol friends ( means who drink smoke etc ) , satvic friends (all art of living people etc ) and enlightened friends ( like Abhiram , Sri Vidya , etc ) . And from what I have seen all the three categories of people give her equal amount of love ( deserves an applause ). Also she gives so much love to random people even if they don’t ask for it ( she will talk to a waiting room lady and give her something to eat , she will bless an auto wala who is coughing ) . Random acts of kindness rule her existence . The level of awareness she possess is crazy ! It cannot be explained in words , only has to be experienced . she possess courage and can act more manly than most boys in her vicinity for getting things done. Now lastly coming to her mortal charms she has the most wierdest ear piercings ( she has many of them and nobody cares to count ) , She has a HUGE tatoo on her leg , she will dress up in the most beautiful way possible . When it comes to shopping she will leave everything in the world to explore and get the best things for her . To put it in her words ” I can shop for an eternity ” she says. With all these supposedly shallow things she is so deep in her way of living that at first you might not notice it but with time when you realize it , you will treat her with reverence. To put it all in one picture she is a His holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar , with a changed name and gender ( tell me if you can find some similarities in the picture below ) :

I don’t know what her name means , but I think she is a diamond ( mani ) Β who does work with commitment and focus and also exhibits love ( priya ) . This was something about one of my mentors Priyamani that I wanted the world to know .


Lots of love

Kulpreeth πŸ™‚

Jai Guru Dev .


11 thoughts on “The Diamond of love …

  1. When you see her, she seems like the naughtiest n craziest kid you’ll ever meet.
    But when you come to know her, she seems like a mountain of knowledge and wisdom…

    She is like a female version of Krishna πŸ™‚

  2. She is “This post” and much more… I loved it and could not help nodding at each statement and smiling. But I was ROFL when I read about Abhiram n his comment. Very well written dear….

    Miss u n Priyaaaaaaaaaa

    Love u

  3. true true true !! for every word of this post πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ and kullu – you write beautifully my friend πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. very happy n proud to b the mom of this diamond…….
    God bless u kulpreeth for being so expressive and making all of us proud of having known her….pushpa

  5. so full on cute ya kullu……. I loved the way you introduced her..and first pic at the mountains is full mast:):):)
    now write one post about vini too ok? i want to read what you write about her:):)

  6. Why black eyed peas made the song “where is the love???” So that our devi rings the bell (mani) and presents herself by singing ” Here is the love(priya)”….

    Wonderful post kullu… and thank you on enlightening me about me being an enlightened soul. πŸ˜‰

    I think priyan should cry today… πŸ™‚


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