When the time is right , the guru will find you :)

Since the past few weeks , I am experiencing an intense longing to meet my guru . In order to reduce the pain I attempt to see my guru wherever I am or whatever I am doing . Hence this post is about how I got to meet Him in person for the first time in this lifetime 😉
In my 11th standard I got to attend a YES course and had the time of my life for the seven day duration of the workshop. After the seven days , I did not implement anything that was taught there . However , I remember a video shown where one person was walking on a ramp showering flowers on the crowd and the chaotic crowd was swaying in utter symphony with this one person. His white robe and the feeling of expansion that happened inside me whenever I though of him were the only memories that stayed with me for the two years. Then as I shifted my habitat from Hyderabad to Manipal the stress levels in my system started increasing and hence one day I got this crazy idea to practice the techniques that were taught in the workshop. Slowly I became regular in my practice and felt better . Then I thought that this workshop cannot just be limited to YES , there must be something more to it . On orkut I found forums named YES!+ Winter break and got to know little bit about it . After two months I found myself standing at the reception of the Bangalore ashram , asking if I could do the winter break or not. They told me that I have to do a YES!+ to be eligible and only a YES was not sufficient. I went back to Hyderabad with the contact of a teacher named Venky I was told the course is from 5th jan 2009 till 11th jan, I felt really happy, thought I will be doing the course and going back to manipal (my vacation was ending on 11th and I had college from 12th). I celebrated new year at native and I was back on 3rd jan and called the YES!+ teacher, to my shock he told me that the course has been postponed to 19th jan and it will be happening from 19th now , I was really heart broken, I asked him if there was any way I could do the course, he told me if I wanted to do the course in Bangalore (I pass through bangalore to go to manipal) , I said YES and he gave me the number of a YES!+ teacher in Bangalore, I called her and the teacher told me that the course was happening from 5th and i’d have to come the next day, I said ok. I didn’t know how I could get the tickets to go to b’lore just one day before, I went to many travel agencies but I didn’t get tickets , then I went to a government booking center and as soon as he checked for the tickets I got a ticket , he said I was very lucky as the tickets were going full from a week and the moment I asked for a ticket some one cancelled his/her ticket and I got the ticket, I was all packed and went to Bangalore, the accomodation and everything was taken care of by the teacher, everything was happening like a flow and my course started, it was the best time I ever had in my life, during the course they said me that guruji was in the ashram at that time.
I really wanted to meet him, my course was in the evening and I was free in the mornings, the day guruji arrived in the ashram I was sent for some work in the ashram, my teacher had to give some bread and other things to bawa and dinesh, I was sent to their place in the ashram, I was really excited, I saw bawa and dinesh, they are amazing people ,then I had a look at shakti kutir, I really wanted to see guruji, where is he ??? where is he??? I roamed around the ashram for 2-3hrs, no sign of him, I went to have lunch, I lost hope that I will meet him and I was having lunch and coming back.
I was climbing the setu in the ashram and as I came in front of the VM a car passed by and everyone was shouting “HI GURUJI”, I turned and saw guruji waving at the crowd ( he was facing the other side , i got to see the back side of his head ). I was really happy that at least I got a glimpse of him, my anxiety of meeting him increased, my course went on till 11th january. I was to catch a bus that night for manipal, I really really wanted to meet guruji, we all yes+ participants were taken to the ashram in the morning, we had a session with bawa, then we came and sat in the satsang, I somehow manged to get a seat really close to the place where guruji was sitting, the satsang was going on, I had bought a diary that new year and I wanted guruji to write something in it for me on the day I meet him ,but there were so many people in the amphitheatre I thought how will I get him to do that, after the satsang guruji was giving gifts to people who had their birthday and anniversary that day , every one started to get up as it was time for guruji to go, I dont know what struck me, I crawled below the railing and went and stood along the way where guruji was to pass by , he came nearer , I was really close to him, people were pushing me, that moment I thought, meeting him in this rush is not easy, will just stand here if he looks at me and I will smile and tell hi 😀

Then he looked me in the eye and gave me a big smile , my mind went completely blank , nobody pushed me as I walked towards my guru, I was not able to look elsewhere , it was even impossible to blink . His eyes were so captivating , my whole being got absorbed in those eyes. I reached beside him and then like an old friend he put his hand on my shoulder . I told ” Hi guruji ” …  ” Where are you from ? What is your name ? ” , he asked. I answered ( talking to him was really like a casual conversation with a very close friend ). After that for about 15 seconds or so, he was just looking into my eyes and giving me a very big smile ( his hand still on my shoulder 😀 ). Then I regained control of my senses and spoke ”  Guruji , today I met you , will you please write something in my diary for me ? ” He looked at the open diary , slowly closed it , placed his hand on my heart and said ” I WILL WRITE IT IN YOUR HEART ” and then he left. After listening to that sentence only my body was there standing , I did not know where my insides were , it is an undescribable feeling . 5 minutes I stood there not knowing/doing anything and from that time on I feel He has really written something which cannot be erased in this lifetime or the lifetimes that may follow.


When the above mentioned incident happened , I felt it was very normal of guruji to talk to people , but later as my journey began and I came to know that even a glimpse from the guru is something people run around for , I felt ( and still feel ) very very lucky to have experienced about 5 minutes with him . I wish that all people reading this right now get more than 5 mins with their guru very soon 🙂 . If you haven’t experienced a guru in your life , then you have no life 🙂


Lots of love

Jai Guru Dev


3 thoughts on “When the time is right , the guru will find you :)

  1. wowiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie:)..nicely written.. I cannot put in words what I feel when Guruji around..and when people are able to do that, it just amazes me..every time:)

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