Ingredients of life part 7

Two and a half years ago :

I wanted to go for my first yes!+ Advance course and had to register with a volunteer . I was called by a volunteer and went to register .  His name was Tarun .

He was standing below a tree , as soon as he recognized me he gave me a friendly smile… as if he knew me from a long time ( I think all yes!+ volunteers have this skill of showing belongingness anywhere and everywhere 😀 ) . I gave him the money and did not talk much , 2.5 years back I was  extremely shy and passive and not so comfortable communicating with strangers !?  Tarun asked me about what I do and where I was from and he also  invited me to come for a home intro talk happening sometime later and told me to get my friends ( back then I was relatively new to art of living and really uncomfortable  telling anyone about it ,  so when he told me to get my friends to this talk , I told yes on the outside but mentally decided to stay away from tarun and avoid him in future 😀 ) .

Around 7 months later ( i.e. 2 years ago ) :

I had gone to the Bangalore ashram for the navratri  homas and poojas . The chandi homa was really hyped up and I was very eager to attend that particular pooja . I went at 3:00 am in the morning and managed to get a place in the first row . Later I was joined by some volunteers from the yes!+ hyderabad . I did my kriya and found that tarun was sitting beside me . He gave me the same smile and this time I returned it back ( I had started volunteering in manipal and the belongingness bug had bit me too ) . We talked a little bit I came to know that he was to go to Scotland in a few weeks , I told him about what we are up to in Manipal . Then the Chandi homa started and we were soaked in bliss for hours that followed .  That afternoon I was hanging out with Tarun . He was to collect some medicines and we talked and talked for almost three hours ( actually he did the talking , I uttered just four sentences in three hours ). He told me how do I work for the course , what obstacles I will face , he told me what I need to do in order to stay focussed on what  I was doing , he asked me what I wanted to do in life , he asked me many many other things which I had not asked myself till that point of time . To be very frank I don’t remember excatly what he told me in those three hours but later that year whenever I was in a situation, I actually did what tarun told me to do and came out of the problem ( but later when I tried to recall what he said I could not rememeber , scary no !! ?? ). In that one year I emailed him just once ( he was in Scotland ) about some major problem happening in manipal . He replied and took my number and told me he will call me soon , I refused owing to the fact that it was an ISD call 😀 ( Why is he showing this much love towards me ??? I thought ) .

One year ago :

Again I was at the bangalore ashram for navratri and was just roaming around the ashram when I saw a familiar face waving at me . I went to him , hugged him and asked him when he came back from Scotland . He said he came just for Navratri and asked me if all was fine on my side . I smiled and told all was fine and then he went to talk to soemone else and I went somewhere .

This Year : 

I am back in hyderabad and slowly mixing and making friends  with the hyderabad volunteers . My Robin hood friend Mr. Tarun has also finished his Scotland studies and come back to hyd . In the past four months I’ve met him three times .

This it a summary of my brief encounters with one of the closest people in my life Mr. Tarun Reddy .  It is said that God chooses our relatives but we choose our friends . But I don’t know if Tarun will fall in the category of friends or not . I meet him less than two times in a year . During those meetings also we get to talk just for about 5 to 10 minutes . I have never talked about him to the rest of my best friends . I never miss him . In short we do nothing to stay in touch with each other , but still there is so much bonding , I fail to understand how it exists.  So much love he pours on me , I don’t know what to do with it , and all of it he does without any reason . Presence speaks more than words , this is very evident with him . I don’t know why he showers me with so much love , I don’t know why I like to be around him so much . He teaches me so much without even uttering a word . Now to put some light on his dark side 😉 . I’ve heard that he has had a murky past , I’ve heard he has been Lord Krishna to many people ( in this lifetime without a flute 😉 )  , but then come to think of it , who does not have a past ? I think the more murky the past , the more you can see the change that has come in your life ( provided you do sudarshan kriya 😉 ) and you can be more and more grateful for the change . For me Tarun Reddy is and will be my closest pal and the person who planted me as a seed and now I have grown into a tree ( ill give fruits and flowers also in some time , waiting for pollination i.e. Girlfriend 😀 haha ) . He read my blog ( he told it is awesome … yay!! ) and he asked me why I had not written about him here , realizing that I actually did not write about this unseen angel in my life , I sat down to write and here it is for you to read 🙂

He is a friend who will be there by not being there 😀

Jai Guru Dev

Lots of love

kullu .


2 thoughts on “Ingredients of life part 7

  1. I know Taruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!! 🙂 he dropped me from my col to satsang venue sometime..dont remember.. great guy he is:) say Hi to him on my behalf ok??? Hyd volunteers r aweeesome yaaa… wat happened to create n decorate bit???
    happy navarati, jgd:)

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