Randomness of the random mind

Warning : This post might appear as if I am giving high level knowledge , read at your own risk 😀

Recently I have been pondering over few things and random GOOD thought were flowing through my mind . I thought I will write it out 🙂

Beggars : They have no food , they have no shelter , sometimes they are without proper clothes .In Hyderabad if you are travelling on the road , you are bound to meet at least one beggar at one of the numerous traffic signals .  I found the following things worth noticing in them :

1. The vehicles stop for around 30- 60 seconds on any signal . Within this time they go to at least 30 vehicles and give it their best to cover almost all the vehicles which have stopped . ( its like 1 or max 2 seconds per vehicle . super efficiency kada !! )

2. Some people give the beggars money , some give them harsh looks , some bark harsh words at them . The beggars are untouched but anything that they get from these people . Unlike most of us who belong to the so called surviving/middle class/rich community , they do not hold on to anything bad told to them by anyone and just move on to other vehicles . A virtue I think everyone should make their own .

3. There are kids of the beggars who are undergoing training to become future beggars , these kids have a ball at the traffic signal . They make fake sad faces around people to beg and when the signal turns green they rush to the footpath to resume the game that they had paused . And I feel they look utterly beautiful in their mismatched , colourful attire that they flaunt so naturally 🙂 Also most of the begging kids put a bindi on their head ,a gesture I find very pleasing 🙂 ( something which is depleting in the other estrogen filled species of India !!! )

I take every opportunity at every traffic signal to smile unconditionally at these beggars , When they see me smile at them ,  they smile back with a twinkle in their eyes . I feel they live only on faith that they will be taken care and someone will provide for them and their kids everyday , every moment !!!

This makes me ponder as to who is poor ? The beggar who is begging or the person whom the beggar is begging to ? 



Lots of love

Kulpreeth 🙂


7 thoughts on “Randomness of the random mind

  1. Nice post kullu……..especially d bindi one….nice of u to speak abt it….of all the things we adorn be it for fashion or beauty….none adds more value to the face dan simple bindi….i keep pestering my sis too wenever she forgets to put one….

  2. veeeeeeery nice post… em observation kada.. i knwo a fren of mine who gives something to eat for them coz money they end wasting na..so food.. I dont think i have come across happy beggars.. will observe them

  3. A beautiful way of looking at it and beautifully penned. But our responsibility does not end at that. I remember, this friend of mine, while doing my Degree. She would tell the child who came begging, “Come I will admit you to school.” And I laughed, but she actually does it. Most of the kids do not like that idea. This is something which is spreading like dangerous vines, and not knowing where to cut.
    Kulls I liked the Bindi thing too 🙂

  4. really speaking u gave a different perspective to me. i always used to see em c der dress and used to talk to em but neva looked upon the way they dress dats really a new thng for me to observe now……i liked it gul-e-gulzar mere yarr……..i wl ask my designer frends to start something like the begger dress code…..oversized colorful dresses, shabby, tattered mix n match…cool na…

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