Full stop ~~~!!!

Why do I feel scared to talk about what I have inside ? Why do I feel that I am something less than others ? Why I am I so sure of failing ? Why do I lie ? Why do I not speak up for myself ? Why do I always doubt  ? Why do I think so much ? Why do people spit on the road ? Why don’t my parents understand what I want to say ? Why do people laugh at me ? Why do I not get to do what I want to do ? Why do I behave like a coward ? Why do I not feel the same level of connection with everyone ? Why do I don’t like cricket ? Why Do I always think about what others will think ? Why am I not natural at all places at all times ? Why do I think doing an IT job is worse than suicide ? Why do I feel jealous when other people behave very closely to my close friends ? Why do I plan and plan and plan and don’t work according to the plan? Why do I always want to do what my father is telling me not to do ? Why do I want so much attention all the time ? Why am I existing at all ? Why don’t people accept me as I am ? Why are enuchs so scary ? Why do people want you to be something and will not like it when you are something else ? Why does my whole being pull me towards a satsang even if it means compromise on any other work I am doing ? Why do I long to see my guru ? Why do sanskrit sounds make me jump with joy from within ? Why do I always want to give and give and give ? Why does my bhaiya not live in hyderabad 😥 ? Why are people so ignorant about themselves and their surroundings ? Why am I always unsure about where my life will go and how will it be ? Why do I feel I cannot live without some people in my life ? Why Why Why ???

When so many whys come into my life I think I need to be silent for some time …

In turmoil and confusion !!!

Kul .


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