Plans + Zing Zang boom = wonder !!!

The title of this post explains it all … I had some plans for the next few days , then some zing zang boom things happened and now in a state of wonder I am writing this text !!!


1. I have become a CST ( Cranio Sacral Therapy ) therapist and am practicing to remove stress from people’s system and in turn feeling very happy in the process. I had a trip planned to Mangalore where I was supposed to do cranio to many many people over a span of 8 days .

2. My best buddy Mr.Tarun Reddy left for bangalore one week ago to become a teacher of the art of living . Inspired by him , I also thought I ought to become a teacher very soon ( like in the next 6 months 😉 ) , hence I took up a challenge  to bring 50 people to the next yes!+ course .

3. I had taken a commitment to do 54 suryanamaskars , two rounds of padmasadhana , followed by the sudarshan kriya and chanting till the new year .

4. I planned to go to bangalore for the new year on the 31st of december .

I feel the almighty laughing at me right now as I am writing my plans here , its like He is saying ” Ho Ho .. this kid has big plans …  but I have something else planned for him “.

5. I wished to watch the Shiv Sutras followed by the Patanjali Yoga Sutras till the January 10th 2012 with my group sadhana group here.

6. I wanted to go to Delhi ( 60% because my best friend had come home from America  for two weeks and I wanted to meet her  , 40% beacuse she got posh clothes for me 🙂 ) .

7. I wanted to complete reading the Bhagvad Gita before the 31st of december 2011.

These were the divine & materialistic plans of the divine in the making Kulpreeth Singh 😉 before around 1:00 pm at the 25th of December happened . What happened is in the Zing Zaam Boom part . . . ( its a tragedy + comedy 😀 )

ZING ZANG BOOM !!! ( all the text written in italics in this part are the thoughts running through my mind at that point of time , its very important information for you to understand the Wonder part !!! ) 

With all the above mentioned divine & Materialistic plans , very sure that I will be able to accomplish them all come what may … I woke up on the 25th of December , it was christmas and I was feeling extremely happy , quickly had bath and went for the long kriya . I was terribly late , they had completed the third round of bhastrika (  I apologised to guruji telling him little cheating is allowed once in a while 😀 ) . So when the oldies were relaxing their ankles after vajrasan I quickly completed one round of bhastrika and did the long kriya . Then soon I got ready to go to the Yes!+ course happening in this college called IPE ( I chose my favourite green kurta which I had worn when I first met guruji and he had actually placed his arm on that kurta for like 2 minutes . While picking it up from the wardrobe I was thinking its been 3 years and this kurta is as good as new . Also I almost always like my kutti small turban , but that day for no reason at all I wore the big turban inspite of the fact that it brings pain in my ears )  .

I was volunteering and we needed paper plates for a process of the course . The paper plates were on their way and would take like 15 more minutes , but the teacher needed them more early than that , in like 5 minutes. My plan no 2 told me to be a good volunteer and go rush to the nearest store and get the plates as soon as possible ( While leaving I was thinking should I go or should I not , anyway the plates are coming in 15 minutes , the teacher must have told 5 mins just to hurry them up ).  I ignored the thought and started my bike.  It was sunny and there were lots of trees but not many leaves ( winter kada , there are lot of speed breakers on this road I thought , how will I see them in this zebra skin type pattern  that the shadow of the trees is making on the road ) . I raced my bike to above 60 kms/hr , since I was new to the locality I was thinking where I would get paper plates anywhere here . WHOOP came a speed breaker and my vehicle flew in the air. I left the handle , the next thing I heard was my bike skidding all the way by my side , I hit the floor head first , my huge turban came out due to the impact, I rolled on the road many times and landed near the footpath 6-7 meters away from where I hit the ground.

I tried to open my eyes and looked around if I was still alive or dead , there was sand in my mouth , nothing in me was moving inside or outside . Then people rushed to me to pick me up . Soon I got up and was shown few things which brought intense pain !!!

Pain number 1 : My green kurta which I cherished as a happy memory of meeting my guru the first time was torn 😦

Pain number 2 : My wrist watch which I had been wearing since the past 6 years has been shattered to more than three pieces , I had some weird attachment with it , I took it to all the art of living courses/events that I have attended or volunteered for and I felt it was a very wonderful watch.

These two things really broke my heart and the first thing I did after getting up was bundle up the remains of my watch and place them safely in my pocket  ( I felt like the kid in that movie ” the pursuit of happiness” when he loses his super man on the road in a hurry to catch the bus ) . In the process of collecting the broken pieces I saw that there was something else paining at the body level. I saw that both me knees and elbows were red , also there was a weird red pattern made by scars on both my feet . I was made to sit on a nearby bench, I told someone to look for my cellphone , my phone had broken open into three pieces , hands shaking with pain I put it together. It was showing no signal ( I mentally planned to buy a cheap 1000 rs phone in case this phone was damaged ). I sat on the bench processing what happened and then the physical pain got on to me , long and deep breaths helped , someone gave me water , I felt the sand in my mouth … it increased the pain . The person who gave me water told me there was a scar on my nose ( I got a mini heart attack here , first of all I am dark , short , belly boy …  upon that a scar on the nose would definitely add up to my good looks , I thought ) . I also felt liquidy liquidy in my beard , the person told me my chin is hurt as well . ( I wanted to ask him for a mirror to see how I look 😀 ). I was just breathing deep and long when the most crazy thing happened , an another person brought an AXE deodrant ,chocolate flavour , and sprayed it where ever I had a wound or was bleeding . I started laughing and told him I never use a deo , he told me it will help . I sat there breathing deep and long , thinking about my watch and kurta and all the plans I had made for the near future . ( I felt all of them going away like the ashes of the dead dissolving in the ganga ).

….. Rest I will post in the next post


Kullu 🙂


8 thoughts on “Plans + Zing Zang boom = wonder !!!

  1. my dear boy, what a writer u have become! not one unnecessary line i see! guruji wants to put his arm on another kurta now:) so buy a new one and come off to ashram asap!! i am going to pray real hard that guruji comes in ur parents dream and shows them his vishvaroopam:)
    until then, happy new year my darling!
    excited to see ur healed bruises on 17th in hydrabad:)

  2. Wooo!! Be careful man!!! Get well soon!!
    And I could almost feel what was happening to you through your words!! Fast and Furious eh?? 😀 Anyway take care!! 🙂

  3. very funny one i like it last wala line thora zyada funny hai…..but r u seriously so much hurt……..

  4. Kullus!!!
    I literally could see ur Bike Flying. Please be safe while riding. Remember what G says, “Dyan mein nahi, Dhyan se Bike Chalao.” Its okey. Cutting down on attachments and Karmas are happening quicker as someone is on fast track .. Its happening with me too.. I have become an awesome planner and nature has become even better at it ..But habits die hard kada …
    Love u loads Kullu…

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