Plans + Zing Zang boom = wonder !!! Part 2

continued from Plans + Zing Zang boom = wonder !!! 

From now on the wonder part begins !!!


I buried all my plans at the back of my heart . After like 10 minutes of mourning , my mind told me something needs to be done about the terrible pain that I was getting engulfed in. I called one of my friends to come and pick me up . While I was waiting for him to come , an another friend of mine passed by and stopped. Bachi came and blessed me and my other friend had arrived by then. Imagining the trauma my mom will undergo and the emotional drama that will follow on seeing my torn clothes and bleeding body parts,  I got up to walk towards the bike. I moved my right leg to walk and  Scrunch!!! a noise came from the foot , the noise was followed by a high voltage current type feeling from foot to head for a second or two. Intution told me that something was seriously wrong with my leg . Praying that it is not a fracture I boarded the bike 😀 and told them to take me to a nearby hospital . X-ray was taken and one injection was given . They told me its not a fracture and told me to wear some bandage for 10 days .

WONDER NO 1 :  So much gratefulness came over me that it was not a fracture , I still felt hope to complete few of my plans. I was thinking where did I go wrong ? What went wrong .. All my intentions were more or less for the greater good only . Then why this ? Where did I go wrong .

Instead of cribbing about the pain my mind was retrospecting what went wrong  .  Aho !!! 

Praying that my dad is not at home I knocked the door. I ring the door bell expecting the worst . My mom opens the door . She takes two seconds to process what she is seeing . I limp inside the house wanting to enter my bedroom before coming into the visibility zone of my dad. My punjabi by nature mom immediately shouts out for my dad ” Suno ji , kullu accident karke aaya , kapde phat gaye , khoon nikal raha hai ” . ( Kullu has met with an accident , his clothes are torn , he is bleeding ). My dad rushes to come and see , he has one look at me from top to bottom and I get shouted at for carelessness and rash driving and my mom adds in her bit of anger by telling its all because of Guruji ( His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ). Then I go to my room and change clothes and rest.

There is so much love in our parents , I saw my dad’s face while he came rushing out , so much love and care in his eyes. My pain was my parents pain , they did not even scold me so much because it was painful for me to stand and listen.

I saw my parents love pouring out on me , inspite of the fact that their outward expression was of anger . I was only grateful for having them in my life. Aho again !!!

The next few days I was just on the bed , bed to bathroom , bathroom to bed. I was not allowed to move an inch , for my wounds would open up , I could not cover myself with a bedsheet for my wounds would open up . Anythign I did which involved movement , my wounds would open up. I just sat and stared at my burning wounds whole of the first night . Then at 1:00 am I swithced on the comp and sat on facebook . There was a link which said live webcast from germany. I clicked on it and watched His Holiness for an hour or so. After that went back to bed and continued with the staring process. The next day my wounds changed colour, it was like there were four red pots boiling on my body. Two on my knees and two on the elbows. The pain was beyond my perception and I just lay still for two days.

In these two days of forced painful stillness , I got my answer to why it all happened. My stupidity and over enthusiasm to do things spoilt it all. My priya Di always told me ” Josh me nahi , Hosh me kaam karo ” ( never work with over enthusiasm , work from a space of awareness )  . Now I understood what that meant. Its a Aho moment Again !!! 

Its been 5 days since my injuries and inspite of this speed breaker I was able to get 6 people onto the course , resume my bhagwad gita reading , Sing a song in the lead in the weekly satsang, and also I have quite a few appointments fixed up for CST for the weekend. And also my sprain has healed almost completely.

The biggest Aho is that I have learned to work side by side with pain . Its ok if pain is there , the work should not stop ( AHO NIRANJANO ..!!!! Clap please !!! )

This episode has made me stronger, more aware , more committed and I thank the almighty for that 🙂


Kullu 🙂


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