5 things to make you beautiful !!!

People always tell me that this person is beautiful , that person is beautiful. But surprisingly when I saw them I did not find them as beautiful as the rest of the world did. Then I started this personal survey with my friends asking them what according to them makes any person beautiful?


Most of the boys answered that it was good looks that make someone look beautiful and all the girls told that it was good clothes and good looks that make someone beautiful. I was not satisfied with this answer , since childhood by default I have never believed someone to be beautiful just because of their good looks ( except movie stars 😀 ) . So I had this question inside me and yesterday it got answered while watching a video on youtube 🙂 The video is entitled International Women’s Conference  2010 . In this video Bhanu Didi Beautifully says what beauty is 🙂

Here is what she says :

Beauty is always associated with Divinity . One of the attributes of divinity is beauty . Satyam Shivam sundaram  Satyam is truth , Shivam is purity and Sundaram is beautiful . So it is the inner beauty that really matters and 5 attributes are there for a person who is beautiful . That is vastram , vacha , vapusham , vidya , vinaya .

Vastram means that attire we wear .

Vacha , the way you express yourself , how you communicate to people , your expression , the words are also important .

Vapusham , the personality , whenever you have learnt something and if you are confident of a topic then  the way you speak .

Vidya ,wisdom in you .

Vinaya , Even if you have all these , you may be very well attired , you may have confidence of speech , good communication skils , but if you have no humility , then there is no beauty.

So these five attributes contribute to the inner beauty which really reflects in your outer self !!!



I got my answer 🙂 So thought to share it with you all 🙂 Is it not a beautiful answer ???





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