The mind !!!

Lately I have been spending a lot of time with myself . As I have told many times before ” the fun side is the inside ” . Some parts of the fun deserve a space in my blogosphere .

This is an official announcement that I , Mr.S. Kulpreeth Singh , is now an employed youth . The company that has employed me is called Opitmized solutions and as I wished for I have a non technical job , which involves talking to different kinds of people sitting far far away in Chicago , interviewing them , recruiting them and the likes…

When I stepped into this new corporate world , I got my quota of doubts and anxiety along with me. The only thing that I was very sure of in my life is that I have to grow into a good human being and be useful to others. Both of these things of mine were being taken care of by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar , through His many ways πŸ˜€ . I had no idea why I needed this corporate world at all. I was just going with the flow. But four days into my job I have realized that so much needs to be changed in me and my expression of thought.

To put it in simpler words, we all are molded in a certain way , everyone is manufactured uniquely body wise and also mind wise. Β Some are molded in a way that is accepted by majority, some are not. Not being accepted by majority is not the issue here , the issue is if you accept your molding the way it is. This is where the problem comes, Mr.Singh ( means me πŸ˜‰ ) was not ok with his molding. Firstly he did not accept his molding as it had shaped up over the years and as a result could do nothing in the past to change it. All attempts were futile until very recently. Few sculptors sent by the divine took up the responsibility of making him first accept the way he was and then showing him the direction to work out ways in which he could systematically change it . Not to forget most of the process involved just pointers from the sculptors and a lot of homework by Mr.Singh. Hence a lot of mind work got involved. I will not elaborate more on the process in which this happened , but the key to crack it is to be in silence .

One of the sculptors ( lets call him S1 ) extensively continues to work on me , and the other ( S2 ) just steps in when desperately needed. Both have different ways of doing things , S1 just chizzels away all the extra and unnecessary parts , while S2 works more on the insides. Both of them do it with utmost care and love and I am so grateful for that. Also God had blessed me with a mature and healthy mind to undergo the pain that comes because of the chipping off of the unnecessary parts at one level , and also not develop hatred or remorse towards S1 for giving me the pseudo short term Pain ( is a pain with a capital P , mind it , till now I had never got tears in my eyes because of someone saying something to me , but recently I did , as a part of the molding process !!) . S2 on the other hand works on the pure principal of love , and it works like magic !!! This is the mechanics of what has been happening in my life for the past few weeks . ( If you have not understood it , is ok !!! πŸ˜‰ )

My mind was not its normal self since this molding process began. The only principal I continue to follow till date is “ the observer can change the dynamics of the observationΒ ( this was what I had been doing but could not frame it in a sentence , but this golden sentence describing what I was actually doing was uttered by Mr.divine Swami Harish ji Β * applauze *Β ) . For those who did not understand , the meaning of the sentence in bold is that if you observe what is happening inside you , then it changes πŸ™‚ . Please note that for me , following this statement was not as easy as I made it sound here . Once you start doing it you’ll know what a roller coaster ride it is πŸ™‚ . With practice it became easier , but I did have moments when I lost it and was back to square 1 . I did not lose hope and with courage and commitment I started from the scratch again.

Today was the day I was feeling so calm and abundant , the day just went smoothly , things were not working out , Mr.S1 still threw sharp knifes at me to chizzel out unnecessary parts but it did not pain like before . And S2 told me I am doing just fine and I should GO WITH THE FLOW . I realized I was already doing it and hence a sense of calm came over , knowing that I am on the right path.

Because of this kind of state of mind I enjoyed my work today and when we had to go for dinner , I went to a posh Italian restaurant called little Italy , it is in a place called Jublee Hills in Hyderabad and it is literally on a hill . The restaurant is on the the third floor of the hill and when you go there you get a bird eye view of the city. I decided not to have any one along with me , I got the most amazing table in the balcony of the hotel , I placed the order and told them to get it after 10 mins , for the next 8 minutes I meditated admist the cool breeze as a part of my evening routine ( Its a hot shot tip from Β Mr. Michael Fischmann to meditate twice daily once in the morning and once in the evening ) Β , a soothing piano piece playing in the background . The food came and on a candle lit table I quietly ate it soaking in the silence that was around , listening to the music. While eating thoughts came into my mind which would help me make my molding better. I got ideas on how to talk , how to be in a particular place , with particular people etc etc. Then magically Mr.S1 called and the conversation took turns in such a way that all my ideas were rubber stamped by him to be the most productive ways to develop.

Happy and content about it I sat down to write it here on the blog. The implementation part of the ideas is going on , hence if it is worth it , may be it will make another blogpost here πŸ™‚ Watch out for it πŸ™‚

Lots of love

Kullu πŸ™‚


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