Labels are for clothes , not humans !!! Part 1

World is what we create around us , to us our world might look real and tangible. But is it really real ? 


For a fraction of a second Joe opened his eyes , he could feel warm blood on his face. People walked around his broken body in circles , there were 5 of them . They were talking of how to dispose Joe off ( they assumed him to be dead ).

Lets throw him off into the drain , one of them suggested. No , that would be too kind for slimy ruts like him. WHACK!! Joe felt someone kick him in the stomach. He lost consciousness . When Joe opened eyes next he saw he was falling , and then suddenly he felt water all over , he was drowning , he tried to move his hands and legs to save himself , suddenly he saw everything around him was becoming red. his broken hands and legs were bleeding due to movement. The pain that followed caused blurring of sight . After some time Joe gave up . He closed his eyes and waited for the life in him to leave him . ” So it all has to end like this ” , he thought as he sinked deeper into the water . His whole life flashed in front of his eyes like a movie. If only I was not gay , would I die this way ? He thought and smiled to himself.



20 years ago :

Little Joe enjoyed going to school . He was not a very bright student. He was not good at making new friends , he had few friends and he would share everything with them . He would never doubt or be skeptic about meeting new people . Little did he know that this nature of his would majorly alter his life. One day while walking back from school , he saw a couple of boys by the alley , he did not pay much attention to them , they called out for him , he walked towards them , he realized they were the guys from grade 10 of his school .  ” Hey Joe , how was your day ? ” One of them asked . Joe just smiled not knowing what to reply. Then suddenly they started kissing each other. Joe thought this was the time to leave and with noiseless baby steps he started walking backwards, one of the guys ( Billy ) noticed this and called out for Joe , ” Hey Joe its nothing wrong we are doing . It is just an expression of showing love and greeting each other , come here ill show you. He came forward and kissed Joe. Joe did not have time to react . Before he could do or say anything he was kissed. Billy then gave him a candy and told him that it was a gift for him . The innocent Joe took the candy and smiled at them and left the place.



… to be continued …..


Jai Guru Deva

Kullu 🙂


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