Holy day

Its good friday and hanuman Jayanti today πŸ™‚ yesterday was Mahavir Jayanti ( In India we do have so many festivals you are celebrating something or the other all through the year πŸ˜€ )

I know very little about good friday . It is the day Jesus was crucified and that is all I know about it .

There are few things that I would like to share about our monkey God Maruti ( for those who do not know Its hanuman ji’s other name ). Hanuman is said to be the epitome of strength , meditation and devotion . His world was Rama , he came down to serve Rama , his devotion even astonished Rama at times , he was a dear friend to Rama as well as a perfect devotee ( perfect combination of love and respect ) . There are two stories that I have heard that I would like to share here

1. Rama was very confused on how can anyone be so devoted to him as hanuman and wanted to ask him . Hanuman how is it that you are so devoted to me ? This is the only instance in history when a master has doubted a devotee . Then hanuman answers that every cell of his body reverberates with Rama , Every hair on his body ( monekys do have a lot of hair ) only chants Rama . Such is his devotion towards his master . This is depicted as hanuman tearing his chest and showing Rama that he is inside him . Actually he did not tear his chest .


2. When the ram setu was being constructed by the Vanara sena , one fine evening Lord Rama was sitting beside the sea shore , he was looking at the vanaras writing his name on the stones and the stones were floating. He also thought to try it out . He wrote his name on a stone and threw it Β in the water, he was expecting the stone to float but the stone sank!

Rama got very perturbed by this phenomenon. Again he wrote his name on few stones and threw them in the water . Again the stones sank into the water. How come my stones are not floating ? He got very confused. Hanuman arrived at the scene and asked Rama ” My lord , what bothers you ?”

Rama replied ” Hanuman , when the vanaras throw the stone into the water after writing my name , it floats , but when I do the same thing the stones sink , I don’t know why this is happening ”

To this Hanuman replied with a smile ” Is it not obvious my lord Β ”

Rama asked ” please explain Hanuman ”

Hanuman replied ” Anything that you throw away from yourself is bound to sink my lord , even the stones do not want to be away from you ” .


Many such stories illustrate the maturity and devotion that hanuman had for his master.

Happy Birthday to Maruti πŸ™‚


Lots of love

Kullu πŸ™‚



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