Punch a tantra Part 2

I had posted the part 1 of this story long long loooooooong back , most of you might have forgotten it , so here it is re-posted for you to read 🙂 the part 2 will follow the part 1 in this same post 🙂


One morning when Ramesh went away for his usual morning trip to the pond, Radha had just woken up , as usual she first saw if her egg was safe , but today as the sun rays fell on the egg , Radha observed that it had cracked in places and the cracks were deepening.

Her joy knew no boundaries and she squealed out loudly for Ramesh. This was not the time the egg had to crack, why was the baby coming out early? she thought. Ramesh came running fearing an attack on his family, but what radha showed him shocked him, he was stunned. For the next 30 minutes or so both of them just sat their wings joined in prayer that the baby comes out safe, both of them were confused that the baby was coming before time. Whenever a crack would shift on the shell or something would move inside the egg , radha would shed a tear out of anxiety. After 30 minutes the egg did not crack totally , this scared them even more. They feared the worst. Radha started crying. It was Shivratri that day and the temple beside the pond was full of people offering flowers and leaves to shivji. Angi ( the temple parrot ) had told Ramesh once that The diety in the temple is called “the lord of the creation”. Not ready to accept what he was seeing he immediately flew to the inner sanctum sanctorum of the temple, many people watched in amazement as he picked up one flower from the diety and flew back to his nest. Radha was still weeping, now chimpu(the squirrel), rinki (the spider) , angi, champa ( the rat ), had gathered around the nest consoling radha .Ramesh placed the flower on the egg and stood beside his wife. Then the aarti in the temple started and as the bells started ringing the baby inside the egg started showing movement again. All their eyes widened in anticipation as to what would happen now. Radha could not take it any longer and closed her eyes, tears still trickling down her eyes. Champa and chimpu started talking.

Champa: “ And I thought only we mammals had to go through the pain of child birth, oh god, please let the baby come out fast”.

Chimpu : “ Yes , I thought egg birth would be an easy thing,just lay the egg and baby comes out , but this is too much to handle man, let the baby come out fast , I have to get ready for school .

Angi: “ Shiva Shiva! a new life is trying to enter the world and all you are bothered about is school! Go away!

Champa & chimpu : “ No we’ll wait , we want to see our new friend , we’ll wake mum and dad and come.

Rinki who was watching the whole thing hanging from her cobweb above saw movement in the pond, she saw a huge something slithering towards the nest. Her eyes widened in horror, it was a huge king cobra gracefully gliding through the water surface.


Radha and Ramesh were puzzled, there is no snake here in our temple vicinity, they thought. But then as the snake reached the bank they could make out that their life was in danger. They all ran for their lives , all except Radha .

Ramesh stopped and came back for her (the snake did not want to make its presence felt so quickly and was probably planning an ambush ) . Radha come on! Why are you waiting?

My baby!

Ramesh saw the pain in her eyes, the egg still lay half cracked. There is nothing we can do now radha, if we carry the egg with us it might break and the baby might DIE, its already half cracked and there is nothing we can do, please come with me, RUN!

When she heard the word DIE she closed her eyes for a fraction of a second and looked back at the egg. Still sobbing, she kept looking back at the egg, soon she was away from the nest and into safety zone of the temple where the snake would not harm them. Her crying and sobbing was drowned in the temple bells which kept ringing all the time during the aarti. The snake was waiting for it to become quite before proceeding, as the aarti ended , there was silence, he lifted his hood to look around the place, there he saw , egg shells lying in a nest , and beside the egg shells playfully playing with a flower sat the cutest thing on earth, the shell had cracked during the aarti , the baby was born! The snake gracefully approached the baby, the baby looked at it with god like innocence. Rinki who was in the web above was silently sobbing, the snake was now directly staring at the baby, the baby also looking at the snake, no fear in its eyes. Rinki ran as fast as she could to tell Radha and Ramesh what she saw, also because she did not want to see the baby die in front of her eyes.

WHO ARE YOU ? Asked the baby …

Will continue in the next post..

PART 2 :

With innocence in his eyes the baby kept looking into the eyes of the king cobra. Its mouth watering with hunger , the king cobra opened its mouth ready to gulp the baby in one go . Exposing his fangs , he bent his hood a little backward before he would strike the baby .

” KUL !!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ” , came a voice from behind , both the baby and the king cobra looked in the direction of the voice .

The voice was that of an another King cobra. It slowly arose from the pond and came to the place where Kul was with the baby swan .

“Such shameful behaviour , such a shame to be called YOUR wife Kul ” , She ( yes it was a she cobra ) said with disgust in her voice and tears in her eyes.

” I got over powered by hunger Kriti , please forgive me . I was just hungry for such a long time and looking at this new born baby I got tempted”, Kul said with sadness and guilt .

” We both decided that till we reach the temple and pray for an offspring this year we will be on a fast did we not ? And here you are killing someone else’s offspring who has just hatched , such a shame Kul!!! You don’t deserve to be called a king” , She said and walked away .

“Kriti , wait , KRITI !!! ” , went kul after her to pursuade  his wife .

Kriti went towards the pond crying , Kul followed . He managed to stop her at the bank .

” I am sorry Kriti , please stop , not for me , but our kingdom , we are both duty bound as king and queen of kashi to have an offspring this season else my brother kama will take away my throne and our kingdome will wither . Please . I got overpowered by my animal instinct . I am an animal after all what do you expect. Ha ? ” , to this kriti started laughing , it was this sense of humor and playful attitude of Kul that Kriti loved .

After repeatedly apologising , Kriti agreed to go to the temple with him.

Both of them then went towards the temple , as they passed the nest the baby called out for them.

” Who are you both ? ” He asked .

Both the snakes looked at the baby .

” My name is Kul , I am the serpent king , I rule the kingdom of kashi and this is my lovely wife Kriti ”

The baby looked at them puzzled , King , kashi , serpent , he did not know the meanings of any of these words.

” Kul , he has just hatched , he does not even know what species he belongs ” , said kriti .

She looked at him with all the love in his eyes and said ” My child , we are both called snakes , and we have come here from a far off place to pray for a cute little child like you. ”

The baby chuckled and smiled at both of them.

Both the snakes smiled back and went off to the temple that they had come to visit. There was a small shivling in the temple and a very old snake who was the priest there .

“Oh my dear children , what brings you here on this auspicious day of Shivratri ” , said the priest.

” Pandit Ji , We have not been able to give our kingdom a heir since we got married 5 years ago. Is there something wrong , or something we can do about it ? ”

Pandit Ji encircled the shivling and meditated for some time , he came out of his meditation and smiled at the both of them .

“You will definitely have a heir !!! ” He said.

Kul and Kriti exclaimed in joy .

” But your child will not be a snake ” The priest continued, ” Both of you have done immense amount of good deeds in your past lives and just because you were killed by a snake in your last life that you came to be born as snakes in this life. But your heir will not be a snake . ”

Both of them looked puzzled.

” Kriti this priest looks a little cracked up in the head . Are you sure we have to listen to him ” .

” Shut up kul , he is the same priest who got us married ” .

“Oh”, told Kul.

” Then who will be our heir ?” , asked Kriti.

“The priest again closed his eyes and meditated for some time and took one flower from the top of the shivling and gave it to both of them.

” The first infant you find who has this flower around him will be your heir ” .

” Where could we find him ? ” Asked Kul .

” He could be anywhere ” answered the priest.

Totally confused both Kul and kriti left the temple.

” WOW!!! Travel for weeks without food to reach a god forsaken temple for a boon and what does he say , go search for the child with the flower, What a waste Kriti ” Shouted Kul.

” No Kul he has at least given us a hope that we will have a child , so what if its not a snake? ”

” No , Kriti , you don’t understand , he has left us with immense possibilities to explore, What if our heir is an ant , we can’t leave our kingdom to an ant, they are the lower most strata of the society used to build our homes! , what if its an elephant ? He wont even fit in our palace, all we have is this silly white flower !!! ”

Kriti smiled at him ” Kul at least now we have a purpose to live , I don’t know about you but I will surely find out where my child is and which ever species he is , I will raise him as my very own”

Kul sensed defeat and argued no more.

Ok Lets look around then , we should start with our own kingdom , someone is bound to have this flower around them . Lets be optimistic. Om Namah shivaya!!!

Both the snakes headed towards the pond and found the baby still playing around in the nest  , The stopped by to say bye . Kul did not approach the baby for he feared he would eat him up again. Kriti approached the boy .

” Hello my child , where are your parents ? ” She asked.

” I don’t know” , he said . That other snake and you are the only two people I have met till now.

” They must be around here somewhere , you don’t leave your nest , they will come back soon , OK ? ”

” OK ” replied the baby.

Kriti was just leaving when her eyes fell on the nest , the nest had the same flower that was given to her by the priest . ( it was the same flower that Ramesh had put on the egg before it had hatched ).

With tears in her eyes she called out for Kul.

Kul the flower , our baby!!!

” What !!! What species is it ? ” , hoping that it is not a mule , rat etc he rushed forward to where the baby was.

” Both of them looked astonished that so easily they had found it , There was silence except for the baby playing in the nest ”

” What do we do now ? ” Asked Kul .

” I don’t now , Lets wait for the baby’s parents ” , kriti suggested .

No lets just take him with us , I don’t know if this child’s parents are even here . He was alone when we came and is alone still .

He began to go near the baby and just as he was about to pick him up someone came running shouting from the bushes.


Ramesh and Radha had been watching the whole scene from behind a bush, when Kul neared the baby radha could take it no longer , she rushed forward to save her baby.

Ramesh and all the animals also came running behind .

Now a whole load of animals were gathered around the nest. Radha had tears in her eyes , she was happy that her baby was still alive , but feared that she and the baby would die very soon given the presence of the snake.

Kriti came forward and said , ” My name is Kriti , I am the serpent Queen of Kashi and this is my husband , the King ,  Kul , we take a vow not to harm anyone present here , we need to talk with the parents of this child .

The swans came forward, They respected the word of the king and queen ( be it of any species ) . ” we are the parents ” They said.

The two snakes and the swans sat around the nest , the baby playing in between them.

” We want to adopt your child and raise him as our very own ” , told kriti .


to be continued … 

Lots of love

Kullu 🙂


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