Update 2

Hi again ,

While I had stopped blogging in between thinking that there is nothing happening my life worth writing , here I sat two days ago writing the first blog post of this year promising that I will keep blogging regularly and today I want to write about how my day went :I

A little prologue :

Yesterday was a very happy day for me , 11th Jan 2009 was the day when I completed the Yes!+ course , was the day I first met My Guru H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in his physical form and had a 2-3 min conversation with him , 11th Jan 2009 was the best day in my life 🙂 . And 11th Jan 2013 was a little different from good . For the first time I went to give my condolences to a friend of mine who lost her mom the day before , I always thought that a house where person is dead and people are crying over the dead body is not a place I would like to be , and this was indeed the reality . I did not like to be there , and did not know what to do to help their remorse .

Then came the happy part where I took my second alpha CST session and some more things became clearer in the mind and the body .

Then at night I wanted to meet a friend of mine ( Vamsi anna ) . So plans were made to meet him and then I ended up in an innova going to a posh restaurant with him and two other friends , eating the world’s chilliest paneer possible and then on the way back I remembered , today is the day 4 years back when i first met my Guru and talked to him . I quietly smiled to myself and was trying to identify myself with the person I was in 2009 . I could not make a connection …

The 12th of JANUARY

I start my day with a CST bringing a smile on 5 people’s face 🙂

Then I reach office and the new boss is already here ( the new boss came in two days ago ) . I go to my workstation and she shouts little bit about time management , Whole day she is every bit rude that she can be and her husband only adds to her glory .

Now in the afternoon they leave for lunch and the front office receptionist comes and tells ” The boss told to inform you that there are new designers he is getting from somewhere , who have more experience , so we have no requirement for you now . You don’t need to come from tuesday ” .

I take some time to take it in. I sms my best friend about it and now the mind starts running.

Why this is happening ? I joined the job only last week and am already kicked out of it . I was liking what I was doing , am I not good enough to continue this ? What will my parents say when they hear this . The old boss knew I had no experience in this field , so why hire me and then fire me ?

It was down right humiliating !!!

My head started to ache and I started to anticipate how I will tell it t my parents … I took few deep breaths and just sat for some time .

Then  started to think of alternatives , of lies I will tell people , of any excuse I would give anyone about my unemployement ( yet again ) . But then I decided to be honest and tell people what happened honestly , as I had actually done nothing to lose the job .

I told myself to stop worrying and crying over it , I thought this is a small thing and it will be over soon , may be something good will come out of it . I will be thankful later that I lost the job. But the uncomfortable feeling was still there . I still remembered Guruji’s words that once you are meditating and are on the path only the best will come to you . So with this faith and belief I started to write this blog post as a way to let out my feelings to someone/something . I told my mom about it and she took it in a good stead …

The Yet again materialistically unemployed,

in confusion and doubt about myself

kullu 🙂

Good night .


One thought on “Update 2

  1. accha hai re aaj unhone tujhe nikal diya…coz kalko tu khud nikalne wala tha….to kal kare so aaj kar aaj kare so ab….remebr na…sai hai….

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