Update 3

The confusion and self Doubt continued . Inside I was continously battling . One part of my mind wanted to cry , one part wanted to run away to some place far away where I do not need to worry about anything . Friends and well wishers and parents gave all sorts of suggestions , advises , but the uncomfortable feeling still stayed … I did not know where I was headed and what to do . Day by day the Feeling that ” I need to run away from all this , I don’t want to stay around anyone” was increasing . I was at loss of words to explain what I was going through , hence did not talk to anyone about it . But I knew one person who would understand and give a solution without my explaining much .

Without delay I was on the way to Bangalore to meet My Guru …I did not know what reason to give my parents and friends of going , my parents were undergoing their quota of stress because of my unemployment , there was a course which I was working for … Admist all this I still decided to go and meet Sri Sri .

I went and asked him . Guruji Should I do an IT job ( Something that my parents wanted me to do and I did not ) , or should I do Graphic Designing ( Something that I wanted to do ) or CST ( something that I was very good at but did not think upon it as a profession yet ) .

He told ” Karo Karo IT Job Karo ” . ( Do do an IT Job ) .

I immediately felt light and relaxed. I felt very confident about what Guruji chose for me and my life and was happy about it . The weight lifted and my smile back again .

I had to disobey some very close people to go to ashram and meet Guruji , at the same time my parents now respect Him a lot , for he told what they wanted (i.e. IT Job ) . I had this confidence that even though I dis obey , they will surely understand in time …

I felt very nice about having a living Guru who is so accessible and when in worry or doubt we can just go and talk to him . Only blessed people have a life like mine .

And now you can also ask him what ever you want , he is doing a Google Hangout tomorrow on the 26th of January … The details of which you can get here :


Lots of love

Still Materialistically un employed but without any doubts /confusion

Kulpreeth .



One thought on “Update 3

  1. All the best Kulpreet bhai, you will surely find success now that you have found peace.


    Sriram Ganti (Narayana IIT Campus)

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