If you don’t mind , It doesn’t matter !!!

” You got out in a HOT sun which makes your skin feel like its just above a gas stove , you stop by a juice center and the juice man gives u 1.5 glass when you ask for 1 ”

“Catch an auto late in the night at 10:30 pm , the drunk auto driver drops you in the middle of a highway and just leaves ”

A flower seller lady who does not understand an ounce of what you speak and neither do you , goes out of her way to help you out all the while talking in her own language 🙂

Few of the memorable moments of my first few weeks in Chennai are written above .My stay here will be close to 2 months in a few days, neither totally rosy-cozy nor fully torturous, my relocation here has been very much up-down-and-away, challenging me at various levels of the body,mind,intellect,ego etc .

In a place like Chennai where sweating is a natural phenomenon and having a beard and long hair doesn’t improve anything, I now appreciate my parents and my comfy home much much more than before.

On the plus side I’ve started earning some money and shamelessly spending it . I dont want to go on and on about various tragic/magic moments of my life here ( there are many in both categories 😀 ) . Some of my learnings I would definitely like to share here in this space :
1. Where ever you go, who ever you are, whatever it is that you do or don’t do . . . One place where you’ll definitely be taken care off is “The Art of Living “. Its a home away from home!
2. Gurudwara food is beyond awesome anywhere on the planet, I’ve had langar in a small town manipal gurudwara, in big posh golden temple, in an unexpected Chennai Gurudwara and never have I been let down in terms of the food served. I have taken a personal vow to find out authentic information about my religion ( look out for those blogposts in near future ) and also learn to speak Punjabi to the best of my ability.
3. Fully & partially attended three yes!+ courses here and learnt loads in the process.
4. I spend more on an auto ride than a dinner in little italy here. STRESS!!!
5. Starting to see how life works around a house, telephone bill, travel expenses, food expenses . I now see even a person travelling on a luna with one wife and kid with respect. It takes so much to take responsibility of our own life, invite a new person to share it (through marriage and not otherwise 😉 ) and then increase the size of responsibility by producing kid(s). This reality never struck me in my heavenly parental abode . It did now!
6. There are things money can’t buy, like joy, contentment etc . Sure shot formula to get these are sadhana, seva, satsang. All these after u have a Guru ( both of which I do have ) . So my basic ground state is happiness with little bit ( actually a lot ) of sunshine and tan . . .

P.S.- If you are thinking as to why did I name the post ” If you don’t mind it does not matter ” watch out for the next post!!!

Breathing and sweating


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