The fun side is the inside!!!

Sorry for the technical glitch of this post being published just with three words before . I am starting to learn how to use wordpress on my phone . So mistakes are inevitable 🙂 .
First things first . I did name the last post ” if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter ” because this is the one line which I have been implementing recently for inner peace 😉 . For example : If I don’t mind it being hot or cold, it doesn’t matter to me if its hot or if its cold . . . If I don’t mind getting wet in the rain, it doesn’t matter if I get wet or not .

When we mind many things, then it will matter . This is a free invitation for worries and botherations 🙂

So the gyaan line for this week is : “IF YOU DON’T MIND, IT DOESN’T MATTER ” . . .

More than what goes on around us, its interesting to see what is happening inside . When you are in a traffic jam and the person behind is honking to kill your eardrums . Take a step back and see what you feel inside, what is happening inside . The moment you even attempt to look inside something will change, and once that happens, the honking is not irritating any more . This is one instance where I apply it more often, but it works for many many things . Now that you are made aware of this, it will be a good idea if you can apply this and comment if something phenomal occurs in your life by implementing it .

Kullu 🙂

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