Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Yo ! In my past three months in Chennai , whatever movie I wanted to watch I failed to get the tickets for it in the so called “Satyam” which happens to be the best theater here. Luckily I got tickets for Yeh Jawaani hai deewani . Hindi movie , super hot hero and heroine , Karan johar , Best theatre in chennai , two cool friends , popcorn ! What else to ask for !

Here is the review :

1. The movie is a fullfleged shameless advertisement for alcohol … Whatever te actors in the movie are doing , the are also drinking . ( put off !!! )

2. Very cool and pleasant romantic scenes between ranbir and deepika . The chemistry was awesome , and the feel aa gaya bhai !!!

3. Songs are good !!! beaty punjabi numbers ! Cool holi songs , Full on musical sad songs and emotional songs !!!

4. Very cool story , reminded me of my school friends and how we have grown out of school and sadly GROWN up now …

All in all a good movie , can watch twice . Not more than that !!!


Kullu 🙂


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