Have’nt been doing anything crazy lately, now my life runs in a routine . Go to office, do seva, come back home, sleep and that’s it . Its fascinating how I am kept busy most of the time and before l know it,  the week passes by. Time is really flying, may be this is an indication that I am having a good time here in Chennai . I am not able to give time to things like my likes, dislikes, fights etc .

Blogging, meditating, earning, read up stuff to show off in public ( 😛 ), get to learn martial arts are few of the many things I want to do in life . But my poor planning skills don’t allow me to even maintain my room clean!  So I want to take a vow here on the blog that till next monday I will do the following without fail daily :

1. 40 Suryanamaskars  
2. 1 round of padmasadhana
3. Sudarshan kriya
4. Reading (something new everyday)
5.Clean my room daily*            
6. Write one super phenomenal blog post . . . By Monday

See you next monday with updates

P.s. – today is my dad’s birthday . . . Happy birthday daddy!!!!


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