Hi all

Sorry for being one day late .Had a had a terrible week with respect to my commitments and hence it took me an extra 24 hours to come out of my limbo …

First three days of the week I followed everything I said I would do and felt great , I had a twinkle in my eyes and life was super fun. The fourth day arrived and I had to leave for bombay the next day , all my clothes were in laundry and I had to run around to get things planned . I have this superstition that if i don’t do my sudarshan kriya daily then things do not go as good as they should. This myth was blasted out this last week. The fourth day of the week I missed my kriya, with the fear or something going wrong I somehow spent my day . It went OK. Slowly as the days followed I had a lot of good times and not so good times. This is what I came to realize :

1. However important you feel you are to this world or the work you are doing , more important is to meditate. Show Over . No arguments, no explanations. Life without meditation is like fruit juice without flavour, only coloured water !!! no taste!

2. All said and done, if you missed your daily meditation becoming paranoid about it and thinking that your day is going to be waste( like I used to do ) is stupidity. When you throw a stone in water , the ripples are produced, likewise if you do something good , the effect of that stays for some time , if you do something bad the effect of that stays for some time. Nothing lasts for ever ( *Gyaanam *! 😀 ) . so in this continous flow of change we should not bother about something good or bad that happens through us. Just chill but keep doing good!!!! ( because what goes around comes around ).

3. I saw a person suicide in front of me . He jumped , bled and died.I was taken by surprise , and people around reacted atrociously , they shouted on the management of the mall, they cried. I realized how people are so disconnected in general and need a button like death or natural calamity to come together, a meditator does not lack this sensitivity. That is why caring and sharing happens automatically , it was a suicide, I came to know later from friends.

4.Happy meditative state of mind gives energy, How else do I explain myself roaming around bombay full day and then staying awake till 3:00am for two days, My mind was so happy to see my friend nishtha after 2 years almost !!!



Two things are to be remembered :

When too much worry is happening . tell yourself loudly : I am going to DIE one day.

When too much shallow enjoyment without depth is happening, tell yourself, I have got this life , let me make most of it , to make other people’s happy… do some service!

after one week of shallow life, going deep from today onwards 😀

Jai Guru Dev


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