Travelling Karma ! I have lots … Part 1

So I have finally come to the conclusion that in my previous lifetimes I must have been a very corrupt policeman who takes bribes from people who travel, or must have been some really mean travel agent. Because in this life time the amount of time, money and effort I spend planning my travel, during my travel, and as an aftermath of my travel are something that cannot be a coincidence.

Lets start from the start of life !

1.Travelled to the god of seven hills … to eat mud … ( when I was too young to distinguish food from mud and ate anything which came in front of me )

My parents took me to tirupati for the first time , we stand in line for many hours and its 11:30 pm in the night, I am happily resting on the shoulders of my dad, and just as we reach the main door, there is an announcement that, in the next half an hour there is going to be an eclipse. So Temple was closed . We came back and the next day we went to some park and I supposedly dug earth and ate mud in the garden ( I did not believe it till my parents showed me a picture). Till date I have never gone to tirupati, my friends say only if the God inside calls you then you get to go there. He is still not calling me I guess!

2. Went to the heart of the Himalayas, and fell off a cliff! –

We live in Hyderabad ( which is in Andhra Pradesh), There is a pious pilgrimage place called “Hemkunth Sahib “ its somewhere near Kedarnath and the travelling to that place involves mountain climbing, land slides, death etc… and guess what, which kind of a family  plans to go from some part in south India , to the heart of the himalayas by road with full khandaan ! MY FAMILY DOES ! We booked the then famous jeep and put a soft bed mattress on the back side of the jeep (seats removed ) . My mom being her normal self decided that her young children will not eat outside food. As a result a kerosene stove, ration for a couple of weeks, utensils, cerelac, milk bottles with sterile nipple equipment were packed. I do not remember anything of that trip except two things

a)      There was a land slide and we were stranded in the middle of nowhere for 15 days, my relatives who were laughing and mocking my mother  for carrying extra load of ration thanked her for she almost effortlessly cooked amazingly delicious food in a forest in the middle of nowhere, and she did it like she was in her own kitchen at home!

b)      The jeep was taking a reverse and I was playing on the back side, I stood on the part where we get on from the back side. It was a narrow cliff and the jeep was turning, my mom and everyone else was eating. As the jeep was going reverse someone told him to stop as if he went any further the jeep would topple in the cliff, he applied brake and due to the jerk I lost hold of the jeep and went down into the cliff. My head hit something and after that I don’t remember anything of the trip. ( But we did go to the pilgrimage temple and I am still alive ! ) I can still feel the spot where I hit my head but. Strong impression i think ….

3. School and life and college – Come school and college and I got a little lucky. My school was in street no 6 and I lived in street no 7 , and 11th and 12th was in street no 8. But in between I was put in a supposedly posh HPS ( Hyderabad Public School ) which was 10 kms away and I was to travel by a local bus daily. In the two years that I studied there, I lost many pairs of shoes, fell down, got super tired etc all during my travel. Then situations happened such that I got an admission into Manipal. A computer science course in a posh college in between the mountains and beside beach … perfect but the only glitch in the plan was it was 700 kms away from my home. And I got active with art of living then and instead of taking a direct bus from manipal to hyderabad, I would make it a point to go via bangalore to visit the ashram and spend some time there . After a point I was so tired of seeing bus stops and railway stations… I realized the fact that karma exists and I have lots to clear in one category… TRAVELLING !

4. After college till date : Its been 2 years and I have been travelling . To some nice places, to some not so nice. Pulled a chain in a train and stopped it, was made to sit beside a toilet in the train and people washed hands and water sprinkled on me and my mom :X, almost got hit by a policeman on the railway station, have been told by an astrologer that my death will occur while I am travelling, had numerous accidents (minor ones thankfully). Now I am an art of living teacher and situations happened thus that I have accepted travelling as a part of life. Travelling to far off places to make people happy, standing 2 hrs straight to reach a place , things like that… Situations have evolved, so have I, but this travelling karma still continues. Another set of adventurous stories exist since I have started travelling in planes also.. watch out for that in the next post !


Jai Guru Dev


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